Blog virgin loosing his cherry  

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4/20/2006 2:44 pm

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4/21/2006 12:22 am

Blog virgin loosing his cherry

HI, my first it the same for everybody, you hear about blogs and everybody tells you what fun they are. So you get one, and then u sit looking the screen and can't thing of anything to write about.

Well a bit about me, i have profile and i have paid for the extra to allow standard members to view and mail me, so anyone should be able to view my profile. I don't really expect much form this, because i cannot believe that anyone can be so bored that they would read this...but hey perhaps they are.

As i have said both in my intro, and in my profile, i write erotic fiction, at the moment as a hobby and also becasue it give me a buzz to know that something i have writen is giving somebody else a buzz to. Generally i am writing for female readings, in part because i good at it, but also becasue it far more interesting than writing bloke stories.

One of the saddist things about men, espiecally is how few of them seem capable or even bothered about talking to women about what get them excited. They all seem to think that its enough to whip the one eyed monster out and poke it in and pump away for a few seconds. If they bothered to actaully talk to women in frank and mature manner they might learn a lot...but then again they might here things that they would not like to here...for example "actually you so small i been faking it".

Isn't it funny that when you start writing things just flow out of your system.

Anyway returning to the subject of my writing, i have posted three of my stories in erotic fiction section of the magazine, and i also publish on Literoitca. Yes i know my spelling and grammer leave something to be disired, but i am dislexic and i do try my best. Most people on here simply cannot be bothered anyway LOL.

My current work is called a journy home, and is about a young innocent looking women that is not all that she appears to be. Anyway her secret life catches up with her late one eveing on the train.

I love chatting to women about the things that they find sexy or turn them on, and if the idea is good i may write it as a story. Generally though i tend to draw ideas from lots of people and incorparte them into a story.

Hmmm thats about it, i going to perv and watch naughty ladies doing things on cam.....hmmmmmm yummy...

VATraveler1948 69M

4/20/2006 3:40 pm

I hope that your journey into blogland will be a pleasant one. It's always good to see someone who is able to put a few coherent sentences together. Welcome to the blogs!

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