sashiburi, desu ne?  

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2/4/2006 10:45 pm

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sashiburi, desu ne?

damn, it's been a long time since my last post. needless to say, much has happened since then.

i lost my roommate when she moved back home, so i had to move to a cheaper/smaller place. i now live entirely on my own, and let me just say, it's fucking awesome. i literally walk around my apartment in nothing more than my friend's t-shirt (not naked, 'cause i haven't put up curtains yet), and i can FINALLY sleep naked. yes, naked. do you know how long i've waited for this? i've always wanted to sleep naked, but the lack of privacy was such a huge issue... but now, i'm set! i want to splurge on silk--or maybe satin--sheets, but it's not practical. i've got to wait 'til i get a bigger bed to make it truly decadent.

anyways, i'm very "bleh" about the upcoming valentine's day. i hate to whine, but damn, all my friends got significant others (or moved away) so we can't do the annual "fuck hallmark" party. *sigh* so sad, so sad. my friends are traitors. traitors, i say! i'm just kidding... sort of.

lord, the other day, i was waiting at my friend's apartment complex, just sitting and looking at the pool, waiting for my friend to come home. i must have looked super depressed or something, 'cause everyone who walked by asked if i was ok. i had no idea that my "i'm bored out of my mind" face looks like a "i'm having major issues and so i'm going to kill myself" face, but go figure. then the weirdest thing happened. an older man walked by, asked how i was doing, and told me to hold out my hand. perplexed and dazed, i held out my right hand, thinking that he was going to shake it as a 'goodbye' ...but instead, he started rubbing and massaging it. i was really confused. then he asked for my other hand, and, like an idiot, i gave it to him. he gave this one the same treatment as the other and just said his "goodbye" and walked away... i just sat there and wondered, what the fuck just happened?

apparently, i'm quite gullible.

anyways... i'm really getting into hentai. i love it. it combines two of my favorite things: japanese anime and sex/porn. i must say that i don't particularly enjoy the ones with forced/non-consentual sex. the way i see it, forced sex is not about pleasure, but about humiliation and exerting one's power over another, and that's definitely not a turn on. getting off my soapbox and back to hentai. i recently found out that i also like yaoi (gay anime)--mainly because those japanese people draw their men super HOT. i swear, watching yaoi was enough to make me want to fuck someone right then and there.

so, i thought that my new love for yaoi would translate into a love for actual gay porn, but alas, i was sadly mistaken. it may have been the ones i was watching, but i thought that gay porn just wasn't as good as i thought it would be.

o well.

westlaguy4 38M

2/10/2006 1:40 am

Whats up beautiful? lol just wanted to say as always, great writer. take care and talk to you soon sometime

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