if only they knew...  

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7/26/2005 9:28 pm

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if only they knew...

I think that there’s nothing more arousing than knowing that your partner is getting turned-on by you, don’t you agree? It’s reassures yourself about your attractiveness and there’s a sense of accomplishment as well. I think that it’s the knowledge of your “power” over that other person. I don’t speak from experience, but I would imagine that that is the way I’d feel.

Sometimes, I get a bit scared when I think of relationships. Yes, I dream of romance and wedding bells in the future like most girls, but it’s not a concrete desire at this moment. In high school, I naively used to think that I’d make a great girlfriend: I would try my best to make him happy. I’d be faithful, wouldn’t be clingy, and give him his space when he needed it, etc. My bubble burst when one of my best friends from high school told me that she used to think like that too… until she started cheating on her boyfriend. I was completely shocked. I never even considered that she’d do it. I mean, I know that cheating exists, but I always thought that no one I knew would do it. Does that make sense? I can’t really explain it. I was disillusioned, I suppose. So now I don’t automatically assume that I’m going to be a great girlfriend, because I can’t know what being in a relationship is like until I experience it. I can only hope and, really, that’s all that anyone can do.


I have to admit, I have a few secrets from my friends (aside from my AdultFriendFinder stuff). They’re not bad ones… they’re just some things that I don’t feel comfortable telling them. I’ve always thought that there are certain aspects of myself I can’t let them know. For instance, they sure as hell don’t know about the fact that I like to write erotica. (They know that I like to write, but they have no clue what it is.) I have a fetish for corsets, bustiers and stockings. I think they’re so very feminine, and so incredibly sexy. I love stilettos, especially if they have ankle-wrapping straps.

I think that, in general, I like to dress up. I can’t wait to get into a relationship and knock the socks off my guy. Lol. I plan on trying out various fantasies that I’ve had in mind for some time now… me as a French maid with a short ruffled skirt and a lacy choker… a belly dancer with sheer veils, a skirt split up the sides to my waist, a beaded bra top, and anklets with bells… a naughty schoolgirl with a pleated short plaid skirt, knee socks, a white blouse and a short necktie… a geisha girl, with a silk kimono and painted fan… I’ve always wanted to try them. They all sound so exciting! …Does this mean that I’d like role-playing? Hmm, probably.

viking0473 43M

7/31/2005 3:43 pm

Role-playing with you would be amazing! Your creativity and imagination are so attractive and you are beautiful...

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