Late night  

shyGuy8119 37M
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7/8/2005 4:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Late night

The time is now 1:36am and I am still on the net. What am I doing? coming to the realisation that porn pictures and all that other stuff doesnt satisfy. Of course I guess there is no way it would satisfy because images in the eyes do not equate to sexual gratification. What is missing in my life?

I find myself realising, after reading a book that stated it about one of the characters, I am realising that I have lived most of my life not by 'being' but by living according to obligations. Living in this way has made me appear to be stronger than I am and raised me in circles of religion. But I am not what people think I am, I have just run harder than the rest but that does not mean I am a runner.

I wanna leave this life and find a new life{a wife would be good to}. But there is so much out there that is unknown. There is pain and suffering, there is fear within. What am I to do?

What am I to do?

id59373 42M

7/13/2005 3:49 am

you know using porn it`s such second class sex when your on your own you can get sucked into it when all we want is love not to see the images we see, half of the time the girl seems to be the play thing of the man we feel guilty we enjoyed seeing her face covered in cum try watching porn when your not masterbating it seems a bit pointless it`s better to read erotic stories or have email chats with real women or maybe real sex? then it feels far sexy than this one sided porn don`t get me wrong there is times when i want to see a girl fucked hard but i seek something more than a image on a screen doing what i want her to do seeing all manner of sides to her is what i enjoy finding out about her, sex is not everything! women don`t need to wake up with a aching cock porn is fun but better to see women as other than fuck buddies we forget that when watching porn

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