Just another monday!  

shoppin4swappin 55M/51F
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4/24/2006 2:25 pm

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4/24/2006 2:59 pm

Just another monday!

Hey all you AdultFriendFinder'ers! for those who have added or invited, we are having a problem accepting so dont feel like we are not interested, the site jsut gives me a "done" browser!!

N E Ways! we are jsut small town wyoming people with big heats and dreams. we are adverage people nothing special, and quite content with the way things are in our lives. He is inot hunting, and I am into reading and, computers, kids, my dog to name a few. We are experienced with this lifestyle and are wanting to swap. Swapping gives us more enjoyment becuse there is no stress.... we like to be able to be comfortable and we have found what works for us! not all people can do this, but we have experiemented with group and have found that it doesnt fit us.
We have a graduating senior this year, so the next month will be stressful! maybe you can help.....

gypsy1629 42F

4/24/2006 2:52 pm

Try the reload or refresh button...that helps sometimes, although not always.


Handsome19402 78M
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5/25/2006 9:59 pm

Wish I was in your age group would love to meet you guys.
Congratulations on getting kid out of High School this year. You deserve to have some stress relief! You are a very beautiful lady.
John in Cheyenne.

curnchey 49M/45F

5/31/2006 4:01 am

congrats to the Graduate! If your interested, we wouldn't mind a meeting over coffee/drinks and see if we click...drop us a note some time

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