The Collective Psyche?  

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8/6/2006 10:03 am

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The Collective Psyche?

Have you ever experienced something like this? This has happened to me three times in my life. In 2001 on a late August afternoon, my little brother and I were at a Cleveland Indians game. There were two outs and a 2-1 count to Jim Thome. I turned and looked at my brother and said, "I will bet you that Jim Thome hits the next pitch 410 ft over the Key Bank sign in right center." My little brother said, ok....and whipped out a $20. I obliged. Next pitch, Thome smacked it into the exact spot that I called. My brother turned to me in disbelief, his jaw drooping. "how the fuck did you know that was going to happen?" "Lucky guess", I said. Second time April 6th, 2005 opening day at Ameriquest Field in Arlington, TX. I was with one of my good friends that is also a salesman named Chuck. I turned to Chuck and said...."I got a Ben Franklin that says Hank Blalock puts the next pitch over the Southwest Airlines sign in right center." Chuck was smart enough not to lay money down. Next pitch...."A swing and a drive to deep right center, this ball is crushed....and that ball is history!" Chuck had the very same look my brother had on his face....except he was smiling and laughing at the same time. Third time, September 2nd, 2005, my 30th birthday. My family decides to surprise me with a group affair at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. (My greatest birthday present ever received). Today, the Cubs are retiring my childhood hero's number Ryne Sandberg. Our seats are behind the catwalk of the announcers booth where I used to sit as a little boy and wave to Harry Caray and Steve Stone when they would switch every three innings. My sister and my two brothers were with me. Bottom of the 7th, Aramis Ramirez comes up with two on and a comfortable Cub lead. I turn to my older brother and say, "I got $20 that Ramirez puts the first pitch out onto Waveland Ave." My older brother says, "how about a beer instead?" Deal.(Beer's are almost $20 at Wrigley anyway! lol). My little brother is watching and has this look in his eye, like please don't bet him. First pitch...Out onto Waveland Ave!

Whats weird is that I feel a tingling in my body and almost like a buzzing sound or tiny wings flapping in my ear, before I make these types of calls. When I feel this, I almost instantaneously know what is going to happen. I have heard and seen people that can tap into the Collective psyche and predict certain events with stunning accuracy. Now, I am not one for fortune telling or tarot readings or even psychics, but there has to be an explanation for these types of things. Does anyone truly know what this is? I am increasingly becoming convinced that since we are all of the same specie, there must be something unconsciously or supernaturally that connects us. I haven't figured the link yet, but would love to hear your thoughts on this.

partygirl3869 49F

8/6/2006 11:49 am

I, too, have had things like this happen to me...too many to tell about, though. And, not all of them as happy as yours. There's one that I remember most, that I think that I've told you about...but here goes anyway...

I was in the 10th grade. My friend dropped me off at my house after school.I noticed my parent's cars were there, as well as, some others that belonged to friends and relatives. As soon as I saw happened. I felt what you felt. That buzzing sound. Being allergic to bees, I even remember using my hand to try and swat it away...only there was nothing actually there.

Anyway, when I walked in, my mom walked over to me...she said I have something to tell you. I said you don't have to, I already know. She said you know what? I said..."I know that granddaddy is dead." I will never forget the look on her face as long as I live. You see, my granddaddy committed suicide. There is no way that I could have known. No way other than what you have described above. All I can say that it can be scary as hell to "know" these things...and in cases like yours and some of my others...very exciting too!


partygirl3869 49F

8/6/2006 4:58 pm

P.S. Do you remember that night we played tic tac toe? Was that a fluke, or was it a strong mental connection?

shooter0085 replies on 8/6/2006 7:31 pm:
partygirl, yes I remember. That seems to me to be more of an intense moment when we were really listening to each other. People that think alike tend to like the same things and do things the same. Next to this, there is that Blog section that says people that like this blog, also like these other blogs. I am willing to bet that you have viewed one of those other blogs in there.

CumsGivingHead 41F

8/10/2006 2:49 pm

my advice to you sweetness is to place some bigger bets!

rm_222when911 47M/43F
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8/11/2006 3:32 pm

I have found that to be true when making decisions and watching them go the right way. I will have a very difficult and risky business decision to make, and it is like your mind goes to a different place. You know exactly what to do. It goes your way. If you pile that on top of starting to humm a song to yourself just before it comes onto the radio.

I believe it is similar to sexyeyes sixth sense idea. I think it has to do with being extremely open to the universe around you, being so sincere and heartfelt about what you are doing or feeling at that moment... you just tune in. I know when it happens, the sense of "what's going on" kinda runs through your head. Did that just happen? Again and again and again. When I was in my 20s, I randomly called a radio station for three REO Speedwagon (you know free tickets, free tshirt, meet the band, autographs type thing) promotions. I was the right caller each time, and I won each time on different stations, different tours. I played softball with them once. I definitely know what you mean. J

"You may think I'm a little off center, but if you really knew me you'd run~!"

shooter0085 replies on 8/12/2006 6:16 am:
I think you hit it on the dot! I find myself making business decisions and watching them play out exactly as I planned. I know what you mean as far as the humming a tune also. If you sit back and listen to what is going on around you, you will feel it. You nailed is definitely "sincereity of heart and humility."

rm_222when911 47M/43F
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8/11/2006 3:35 pm

By the way, three out of responders so far are Innovators! I do not think that is a coincidence! J

"You may think I'm a little off center, but if you really knew me you'd run~!"

shooter0085 replies on 8/12/2006 6:16 am:
No coincidence at all.

rm_poetictrance 52M/49F
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8/13/2006 6:51 am

fascinating subject, and i think it is very real.

if your up for an interesting take on this concept of "collective consciousness" try "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts.

i'm admittedly a bit weird spiritually, but this book has some powerful thoughts on the subject.

shooter0085 replies on 8/13/2006 7:48 am:
thanks, I will check it out.

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