sup!?! *yawn* time for yummy shonen-ai goodness...  

shonenaiyuki 34M
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5/16/2006 4:54 pm
sup!?! *yawn* time for yummy shonen-ai goodness...

~today~...well today i actually had time to go
on the it bad that when
i woke up , i was lying in bed with my
pants on the floor with my arms around my
best friend jeb?(dont worry i changed your name..)really dude we've gotta stop drinking
so much at parties...though i remember last
night pretty vividly ...jeb can be reaaaallly romantic
when he wants to be...whoever he ends up with
is a really lucky guy.
although we are just buds i'v known him for
a few years.
we are..... i suppose... 'friends with benefits'
(gawd that sounds stupid) mostly it is every
time we get drunk we end up fucking...*heh*
man i could go all night with that guy...

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