road trip!  

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5/18/2006 2:50 pm

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5/18/2006 2:52 pm

road trip!

i just found out that i'm going to go on a trip with some people i know WASHINGTON D.C what a FUN FUN place!
( i am being so sarcastic right now) museums and government headquarters and crazy ladies in tents WOW! *sighs*
this is mostly against my will.margot informed me of it last night she came over and stayed the night (no perv kitties we did not fuck) mostly we watched movies in our underwear
(she's such a good sport.she always wears these hot black lacy things...*drool*)she always talks me into stuff like making me watch brokeback mountain last week not that i didnt like it...(heath ledger is HOT!)but still.....she'a going for whatever reason and wants me to go with her.. our conversation went somthing like this:

Margot so you'll come with me right? we better start packing i made reservations at the ramada inn so we are all ready to go!"
ME what the hell??????????!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

she takes advantage of all the free time i have maybe i should get a job so she'll leave me alone...though i would miss having her come over ,strip down to her panties and watch 'house of flying daggers' with me

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