I love women!  

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3/29/2006 4:06 pm

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I love women!

haha, the title pretty much says it all. I love em,

I love the way they smile and how they laugh at my jokes.
I love the way they toss their hair
I love the way they smell (and taste!)
I love how a good hug, even from a friend, can make your day
I love how when I see an attractive women I am utterly, hopelessly convinced I can get her, even if we've never met
I love it when you meet a new girl...and for a moment, no matter how long, there is always that chance that you have a chance with her
I love their shape, and the curves they make
I love their breasts and the way my neck hurts after I strain to get a better look
I love it when a taller girl looks me in the eye
I love legs and asses and backs and arms and eyes and teeth...and hell, just about everything
I love how a smart women excites me more than most attractive ones
I love having an argument and then seeing the flash of respect from a worthy adversary
I just freakin love women and the way they make me feel!

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