shniffles 35F
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5/22/2006 9:09 pm

Hey Y'all,

I had a long day today. Don't you hate it when someone askes to work on your off day? I do. If you say no, they make you feel like such an asshole. So tommorrow is my day off. I had planned on sleeping in, getting busy with my self, and just relaxing. But instead, I am a sucker and will be working. Nice people really do finish last.

Why do people make you feel like shit? There is just this group of people in the world that specialize in making people feel like shit. I think they got special, seceret training in high school to learn how to do that. How else do you explain the consistance of those that dish out the shitty feelings. They operate in almost the same way. I was married to one of those people. I hate people like that.

Sorry for my bitter moment. I am operating on not much sleep and too much computer time. LOL!!! Is there such a thing as too much computer time. Some would say no and some would say yes. Maybe if some of us spent less time on the computer and more time out in the real world, we would get laid more often. LOL!!!

Love ya laters,


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