The weekend  

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1/23/2006 7:41 am

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The weekend

It's getting to the point where I don't like Fridays anymore. It seems as though bad things or bad moods happen more often that day. After describing next what happened, most people would say that it was the start of a great weekend. I didn't see it that way and I literally spent parts of Friday night bashing my head against the wall trying to control my compulsions.

Friday afternoon I got an instant message from a couple. We belong to the same group regarding adult theaters. They were setting up a gang bang for her at one of the local bookstores after work. They wanted to know if I was interested. I said I would be interested in watching but would not join in. I think they were slightly miffed but said ok anyway.

I got up there and it wasn't hard to find them. There were about 10 guys hanging around their booth. I introduced myself, told him I just wanted to watch. He hit the button to raise the curtain in the buddy booth and I went into the booth next to theirs. I feed the machine $10 and watched the show.

She was a good looking black lady, late '30's early '40's. The only term that comes to mind is MILF. She certainly drained those guys. She was giving to them as good as they were giving it to her. You could hear her sucking dick and getting fucked through the whole arcade area. And she was a moaner every time she came!

I got home later and thats when the mood swings started. The usual restlessness, anxiousness, almost frantic moods. I tried to control it by walking the dog and baking cupcakes. Nothing was helping. I remember sitting on the floor bashing my head into the wall, sobbing, trying to release what I was feeling, but I couldn't.

I was putting on my jacket to go out drinking again but I got another instant message. This time from a cross dresser from another group I belong to. I checked his profile and he seemed on the up and up. He had pic's and damn if he wasn't the type I'm attracted to. Slender, long legs, nice ass, and passable from the distance.

He wanted to meet and lived 10 minutes up the road from me. I said no, so he asked if he could put on a cam show for me. I said ok, but no real time meets. He cammed a bit, got insistent about meeting. I said no again. He got pissed and disconnected. It was now 1:00 am. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Just stayed awake all night tossing and turning.

It was Saturday morning and the sun was just coming up. I decided to surf and found a cool site. I don't remember it's actual name but it was something like Bondage For Beginners. It had a lot of advice and tips for newbies interested in the scene. I ordered a cool restraining device that I hope arrives by Valentines Day. That should add a new dimension to my sex life.

As the day wore on my mood got better. I had an excellent workout at the gym, then took the dog for a hike at Ellison Park.

Saturday night I picked up my girl friend. We went to her favorite tavern for drinks and diner, then drove back to my place. She was complaining of a sore shoulder, so I locked the dog up in the other room, and started in on the back rub. That lead to more than just her back getting massaged, but her ass as well.

She really enjoys having her ass licked, so I spread her cheeks and dove in. I don't know what lit her fire that night. It's been almost 2 years since she showed that kind of passion or enthusiasm. She raised her hips and told me take her in the ass. I put my dick against her hole and pushed but there was resistance. She relaxed her muscles just enough and I suddenly popped through, losing my balance as my balls slammed into her pussy. She's a Latino girl and Spanish is her primary language while English is secondary. She had her head buried in the pillows moaning and yelling in Spanish as she and I fucked. Suddenly she started to howl at the top of her lungs as she came. I was also grunting loudly as I came. This caused my dog in the other room start howling loudly also.

Maybe it is one of those thing were you have to be there to appreciated it but she and I both thought it was funny. We can only imagine what the neighbors thought hearing those noises coming from my house at midnight!

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1/23/2006 8:26 am

I'd love to hear those noises

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