Surprisingly refreshed...  

shispook 48F
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12/15/2005 8:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Surprisingly refreshed...

Go figure....I should be exhausted after what I;ve been through/up to... But I;m NOT...I;ve turned a corner, and there;s been many of those recently, I;ve discovered I;ve got balls of steel, in fact so much so, I;ve been 'accused' of thinking like a man...Hell I don;t care about that, I;m focussed, I;ve got my shit together, I;m relatively happy with my lot in life, (always room for improvement and growth though)I can cope with whatever life throws at me. I don;t see problems, I see challenges, and I love to laugh out loud and not give a shit if the joke is known only to myself, I;ve been known to laugh out loud in public, in my own company, attracted strange looks but fuck it, I DON;T CARE....I;ve got my own thing going on, but not at the expense of others, so where;s the harm? I don;t disrespect people under the excuse of 'well, it;s the truth, isn;t it? and if the truth hurts...' generally I find people who are proud of speaking their own minds regardless under the 'truth' banner are only out to cause hurt...I give praise where it;s due, don;t flannel anyone for the sake of it, and if I don;t like someone/thing, I have the decency to shut my mouth, and keep it to myself. I don;t think that;s being two-faced, I think it;s being considerate...Anyway what goes around comes around,Karma and all that jazz.

Maybe I am two-faced in your opinion, but hell it;s my way of getting through life, uneventful is good for me at the minute...

I feel damn good about myself, and I hope you all do too.

Been warned that I was on a self destruct course... but I beg to differ, I;m just sick of doing things by the book, the way I;ve done everything until recently. Now, I;m not gonna go looking for trouble, but if it comes my way, I;m a big girl for all the size of me and I;ll deal with it as and when, in an appropriate manner.

In order to appreciate the highs, you have to feel the lows, and I;ve been low,my friends, not suicidal or shit like that, sure I;ve felt like running away, but I have NO sympathy for those who consider that option, espesh if they have people that are gonna be left behind them, (cept the clinically insane of course for they know not what they do, not TOTALLY heartless)

Take each day as it comes, but don;t forget to look at the bigger picture when little things grind you down, for that is all they are, little things, to be knocked out of the way, one at a time....

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