I am...  

shispook 48F
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4/23/2006 6:39 am

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4/23/2006 6:40 am

I am...

....recharging my Sony...

20 gig

it;s half full..

I have my fave playlist on shuffle...so I don;t know what;s coming next but Im sure of a damn good tune!

It blocks out the shit and removes the need for conversation...

I noticed that yesterday when I hit the shops looking for slippers for no 2 of 3, (she;s getting the tonsil/adenoid thing done on Thurs)

Shop assistants were just about to do the 'can i help you' thing but backed off when they saw I wasn;t even listening...kewlllllllllll

So am employing the same technique here, and singing along at the top of my voice, (poor crows, they now have no business to speak of)

Is confusing the shit outta his lordship, and I, being a sneaky manipulative little bitch am enjoying every min of it....

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