I had the most delicious dream!  

sherclin 50M/49F
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3/19/2005 2:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I had the most delicious dream!

I was tied spread eagle to a table & blindfolded. I could hear voices, but didn't recognize any of them. I was nervous, but excited because it seemed that one of my fantasies was about to come true! I have cum hard many times while fantasizing about being bound, gagged, and used! I'm getting wet thinking about it now!

At first no one seemed to be close to me, then suddenly there were three sets of hands on me and a hard cock in my mouth! I sucked him deep, but he wasn't interested at all in what I wanted or how it felt to me. He grabbed a handful of my hair and slammed into my mouth as if it was my pussy. It was wonderful! I love being used this way! It was good for him as well because he came all too soon and I swallowed what I could. As soon as he pulled out, another slid in. Instead of allowing me to drink his cum, he sprayed my face! The more they used me, called me names, the hotter I became. I was so wet and ready to beg for a hard pole in my ass and pussy!

Unfortunately it didn't happen -- a ringing phone brought me back to reality. As soon as the call ended, I was on my back, knees bent, fingers on my clit and my favorite vibe in my ass. It felt so very good.

I hope hubby's ready for a long, hard ride....

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