What I would do to you.........  

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2/17/2006 11:15 am

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What I would do to you.........

She is sitting in her favorite chair just waiting.... slowly sliding her fingers over her body gently squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples thinking of her lover touching her. She runs her tongue over her lip just thinking of the expression on Lovers face as they tease her gently. She slowly trails her fingers down to her stomach gently trailing them over her making her twitch and moan quietly as her sweet honeyed pussy starts to fill and swell getting moist and sweet smelling. Her other hand gently slides down to her pussy gently sliding a finger over the outer lips teasing brushing so gently but not sliding into the awaiting wetness.She pictures her lover bending over her smiling gently as they blow on her clit making it swell even more as she raises her hips towards to capture that wonderful feeling again and again.She reaches straining almost wanting to beg for more.Then her lover pulls away making her mew in protest as she reaches for them to pull them back to finish what they have started. Then her lover gently brushes her body with a peacock feather, brushing her nipples making them tighten and stiffen up as she raises her self for more of this erotic feeling.As her lover trails the feather to her other breast her lover slowly nips her outer lips with their teeth gently tugging on the skin making her quiver and quake wanting to feel them more and more. The feather slowly makes its way down to her hot glistening honeyed pussy as it begs for fulfillment, as it brushes the lips so gently shes mewling begging for more as her hands slide thru their hair clutching her lover closer. Her lover lifts her up and turn sher over so shes facing away from them and open to their mercy. Slowly a hand slides to her sweet behind squeezing the cheeks as her pussy gets teased some more with the peacock feather pushing ever so much harder and fast lil strokes as shes moving her hips in time breaths coming in hot lil bursts. Her lover gently starts to tease her pussy with a cock as shes pleasantly surprised she looks back to watch them slowly slide back and forth rubbing her sweet juices all over getting her ready for them. Then slowly they slide that cock up to her tight lil behind and teats her ass pushing ever so gently, then sliding back to her pussy pushing in a lil bit more letting her ride the tip short little jabs against her clit hitting just the right spot to make her start to jerk and cum in lil doses. They slide the cock in more and she starts to ride a little faster and moving her hips form side to side rubbing as much of her self on them as she can. Moaning as her lover starts telling her they love that shes crying out moaning their name, begging for more. Her lover then slides all the way in and rides her hard and fast all the way to the hilt, making her scream in pleasure as she leans up and back holding on to them sliding back to meet them and drive that cock so deep shes feels it everywhere. Crying out their name over and over as she hits wave after wave of hot sweet orgasm shaking sot badly she having a hard time standing with out collapsing, her lover wraps an arm around her and holds on as they are not finished yet. they hit yet another wave thats more intense then the last this one making her scream so loud she shatters the wineglass sitting on the table.She leans back and kisses her lover thanking them for that wonderful gift. she then pushes her lover away and kneels down to give some of her pleaser back to them as a thank you. She gently grips that hard cock teasing it as her lover runs their hands thru her hair gently gripping but not pushing her towards that cock. she runs her tongue over the tip tasting her self and moaning at its sweetness as she leans in for another taste this time taking the whole hard throbbing cock in her mouth nibbling gently, licking....swirling her tongue all over lapping up her taste and her lovers essence at the same time. Her lover moans and tells her shes so good at what shes doing that they lover her for it.She gently grips the cock in her hand and starts stroking as she slowly starts moving her head up and down gently humming as she moves making her lover moan a little louder and thrust their hips a tiny bit. She moves her head to the side to nibble o the side of the cock and run hr tongue gently against the vein on the underside making her lover jump and quiver. as she tastes precum she sucks harder and faster working her lovers cock til they are filling her sweet mouth with more honeyed sweetness as both moan in pleasure. Gently shaking both relax on the chair against each other enjoying their time and stroking each others skin gently helping them relax. She curls up and quietly goes to sleep dreaming again of what it would be like to have hr lover wake her like this again. As she knows shes safe and protected by her wonderful lover.

Suddenly she wakes up and realizes it was all a wonderful pleasant dream. And as she gets up she realizes the bed is in disarray and the pillows from her chair are on the floor. She realizes it was not a dream but a wonderful fantasy come true.

Enjoy as all fantasies will one day come true for everyone

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