Kareoke Night  

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9/9/2006 4:08 pm

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Kareoke Night

Last night I got outta the house to sing some kareoke. I'd been trapped in the house with my toddler for DAYS and had to get a break. A buddy of mine offered to meet me there and keep me company, which I said okay to. I got to sing a lot, the kareoke guy likes me as I'm an Alabama fan too. When I got there it was PACKED. I asked how long the rotation was and he said, "Well, it's an hour, but for Bama fans? Half an hour." SWEET! My buddy got there and we had a few drinks, talked a lot, and I sang here and there. It got really loud and even more crowded where we could hardly even hear each other around midnight so we decided to go. We went to breakfast and then decided to go to his place.

We got to his place and it was on. I knew he was kinda take charge and I was definitely in the mood for that last night. He turned me six ways to Sunday, pounding me, making me scream, running his hands down my back and spanking my ass. He would grab my hair and pull my head back, not hard, just enough to make me know he was there. I came and came and came. He told me he was glad my hubs had to work on his term paper last night (which was why I got outta the house). I grinned and said I was too. He loved it every time I came on his cock and then I would beg for him to fuck me harder. He really liked that. He liekd to talk dirty and I was in the mood for that last night too. Was quite the night. And like my other friend that was dominant but moved a while ago, he handled it right so I was comfortable. I was his equal in every way until we got in the bedroom. I was very comfortable and look forward to seeing him again.

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