Maybe that's just my dick talking  

shattered1959 58M
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6/24/2006 5:57 pm
Maybe that's just my dick talking

I signed up for this site just because I was feeling lonely & horny, but can't contact anyone! The free option isn't much of an option. Again, I know you ladies are checking this out...Throw me a bone! (Not necessarily a boner, but that would be OK too) Sex is such a wonderful thing! Why would someone as young as their mid-forties not want to enjoy it on a regular basis?? We do have a couple teenaged girls who make it a challenge to hide. Is it the fear of being caught? Is it a fear of intimacy? This is sounding more like a shrink session, but I know I'm not alone. My wife comes home from work and other ladies are telling her that she's normal for not wanting sex. Other guys my age look upon sex as a chore...if that's not perverse...why would any red-blooded american guy not want to dive in when the opportunity presented itself. (as is obvious by the preponderance of DICK pictures attached to most of the guys in here)

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