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4/21/2006 8:08 pm

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In one of the groups here on AdultFriendFinder theres a gentleman who married a religious virgin. the jist of his post is that she doesnt enjoy sex, blah blah blah, what should i do? the jist of the general response to this is that the man shouldnt have married a religious virgin.

Now this is a little known fact, but I was a virgin once. Yep i was...actually i was a virgin for 18 years and 4 months exactly. I was religious...Catholic if you want specifics. I suffered from the typical Catholic ideals of marriage and its sanctity. I was determined to be a virgin when i was married. I met Sir, i fell in love, and i fucked him. we've been together ever since. Do not blame religion and do not blame Virginity. I had never sucked a cock before (amazing, i did i get so good so quick? i'm a natural!)

Is there some sort of stigma regarding virginiy now? if so i dont want Baby Share growing up in this country. I consider myself somewhat of a feminist, but in a traditional way. I think women should be able to go out and work if they want, but I also think they should be able to stay home and be normal housewives without other women making them feel that they're missing something because of it. i personally, would love nothing more than to stay home and care for my family. I'd even learn to cook.

I think women should be equal to men in the workplace, but they need to be willing to let gender go completely. No "its because i'm a woman" anymore. I think women should vote, but only if they care...not just because they can (this goes for men to, actually). maybe i'm not a feminist. Maybe i'm just old fashioned in a modern way

By the way, i started adding the pin-ups at the request of sir. Today's reminds me of me he'll always be that wolf

Phineas2005 49M
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4/21/2006 9:50 pm

"I'd even learn to cook." That's another way to a man's heart, . I think you found the other way...

kitz6 61F

4/21/2006 10:56 pm

No what we are blaming is the entire 'anti-sex' idea put forth by religion. Control of the woman is all that is. PFFFFT Julian Christians have no toruble with sex, it is only the Augustinian Christians - and that is most of them, have this anti-sex issue.
Yes I am a feminist.

new2here05 51M

4/27/2006 4:13 pm

Share -
Do not be ashamed to work or stay at home... As feminists point out -it's your body... It's your child... It's your life. Oh - if you do stay home - learning to cook helps too.

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