Properly Prepared I Must Be..  

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3/11/2006 3:18 pm

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Properly Prepared I Must Be..

Darkened room, candles burning, leaving flickering shadows on the wall. I undress, letting my clothes fall carelessly to the floor.

I can smell the essential oils HE has added to the water, bath tub full of bubbles, I dip my hand into the water, the water is slightly too hot. I climb into the bath HE has drawn for me. I kneel first allowing my body to become accustomed to the hot water. My lower body warm turning a shade of pink, my upper body covered in goosebumps from the cold air. The contrast of the hot water and cold air on my body feels so delicious. I close my eyes, lower my head, dip the sponge into the water, take the dripping sponge and squeeze its contents over my shoulders and breasts - catch my breath at the contrast of the hotness against my cold skin. My skin tightens and nipples harden, I dip the sponge again and again squeezing it against my skin, and breathe deeply.

Then slowly I lower myself into the welcoming comforting water, it covers my body, I close my eyes, the water feels so good.

HE calls,

“ You ok?”

“ I’m fine, thanks”

I lie back in the tub; fill my hands with the bubbles, placing them on my ample breasts, smiling. I fill my hands with bubbles again, this time blowing them, they float away, and I giggle, love bubbles. I put a mound of the bubbles on my head, and smile again, imagining how silly I look.

My eyes closed, lying back against the tub, my body nicely simmered in the hot water, feels wonderful, like a hot soft blanket. The cold air causes goosebumps on my full breasts as they are not submerged, fabulous sensation. My toes play with the taps, my hands in the water gently treading it, rubbing against my legs. I breathe deeply, taking in the scent of the oil... hmmmm...Ylang Ylang. . . again I smile.

I bend my knees, slipping lower into the bath, breasts now submerged, splendid feeling as the heat spreads through my body. I lower myself in the water, submerge my head. I hear my heart beat, and muffled sounds. I raise my head from the water, the cold air comes as a bit of a shock, and I wipe the water from my face.

I lie against the back of the tub again, close my eyes and enjoy the warmth. I concentrate on my breathing, preparing for what lies ahead.

Breathe…1..2..3...hold..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3

I run my hands along my body, gently across my breasts, touching my nipples, back and forth. My nipples begin to harden with the attention, I allow myself to enjoy the sensation. My hand runs down my stomach, I rub in slow deliberate circles. Further still to my pubic bone, smooth, shaved. I allow my legs to fall open a little and I caress myself. Lost in the sensation… my fingers slowly teasing , still breathing…

Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3

Loving the way my body felt, soft, warm, inviting. Feeling sensual, feeling like a loveable sexy woman. Wondering how my body felt to someone else. I resist the urge to bury my fingers inside.

I remind myself of what lies ahead. I cease indulging in the pleasure of my own body; I lower myself into the water again. I hear my quickened heart beat… I concentrate on my breathing

Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3
Breathe…1..2..3...hold ..1..2..3.. exhale..1..2..3

Under the water, nothing intruding, I get the feeling that something has changed. Lifting my head from the water I hear it - the music has started…. Vangelis - Soil Festivities. The hypnotic beat of it matches my heart beat, and slowly I strum my fingers against my leg in time with the beat. Eyes closed, my heart and body beginning to react to the pulsing beat of the music. I can smell the incense….. frankincense… I know that HE must be ready for me now.

I breathe in deeply. Rise from the bath, the cold air stings, still all I can concentrate on is the music, the steady beat...( bump, bump, bump, do do bump, bump, bump do do do...).

I am serene, relaxed, ready for the evening. I slip on my silk robe, pull it snugly around me, I prepare to join him.

The glow from the fire and the circle of candles light the darkened room. The room is thick with incense smoke. I see him standing there, naked. I draw my breath, I look at him, my heart and soul swell... Tall, broad, strong, mysterious ... I adore his body.

I’m lost in the beat of the music, the thick incense, the candle light,

HE looks at me, walks towards me.

“ Is my Lady prepared?”


HE removes my silk robe, I stand naked before him.

I lean into him to rest on my head on his shoulders. His shoulders so broad and strong, gentle in my loving, safe and secure protecting me, steady when comforting me...eyes closed...breathing deeply.

HE takes my hands, brings them to his lips, kisses my palms then my inner wrists.

HE kisses my right left eye.

HE wraps me in his arms, kisses my lips gently, lingering for such a short time...he pulls away, looks down at me winks, smiles.

“Let the Magik begin…..”

HBowt2 60F

3/14/2006 5:19 pm

Love to say this.....

Told you so

tillerbabe 57F

3/14/2006 12:18 am

Oh that is breathtaking...."Blessed Be"

caressmewell 55F

3/13/2006 6:28 pm

Wonderfully written..very sexy.

rm_luvpiano2 57M
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3/13/2006 4:38 am

Great story! I'm getting a candle lit bubble bath ready for you now!

_CoffeeNoCream_ 54F

3/13/2006 12:37 am

keep on breathing

liefs C

rm_Sylent72 45M

3/12/2006 4:02 pm

Wow!...I love the story.

suprcunnilingus 57M
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3/12/2006 8:08 am

Think you missed your vocation!!!! truly wonderful tender writing

CPP xxx

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