Eat me now...!!!!  

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Eat me now...!!!!

She lies naked on the bed, her legs spread open, her fingers exploring her wetness. Her eyes are closed and she allows her thoughts to dwell on Him.

One hand pinching her nipples, the other teasing and caressing her clit and pussy. She sighs deeply, moans a little as the pleasure spreads thru' her body.

She slides a finger inside gently feeling her smoothness, hot and wet, she runs her wet finger across her swollen lips, stopping for a moment to tease her aching clit. Another finger inside, slowly but deliberately sliding in and out, she moves her hips in a slow steady rhythm.

She senses him rather than see's him, she's not alone, she opens her eyes, and see's him standing watching her. Her pussy tightens, becomes hotter, wetter, pulsing.

"Having fun?"

"I was just thinking about you" she says smiling.

As she talked to him she continued to use her fingers. He smiles at her, walks over to the bed, lies down beside her, kisses her.

"Don't stop on my account"

"I need you" she says as she offers him her fingers to taste. He licks them gently, and moves his hand to where her fingers had been.

"No.... I want your tongue"

Without hesitation he obeys her wishes. Tenderly He kisses and licks her inner thighs. His tongue then traces the crease where her legs and pussy meet.

Teasing her making her anticipate....

As his tongue works its magic he reaches up and pinches her nipples, she gasps, at his touch and her pussy leaks some of its sweet juices.

He moves his face closer to her pussy he kisses it. She pushes her hips up to meet this welcome touch, pushing against his face. He teasingly kisses all along her wet lips, first one side then the other, then gently sucks on each one.

She pushes against his face again, needing more, wanting more. This time his kisses are harder and he uses his tongue to part her swollen lips. She opens her legs wider, wanting more of his tongue. He licks and sucks her pussy flesh, he pushes his tongue deep inside her, using his tongue to explore her and fuck her. She bucks against him, pushing onto his tongue.

He uses his fingers to hold her pussy open as he nuzzles his head into her wetness greedily eating her. Her cum flows over his face, he pulls her closer kissing, licking, sucking her hard, drinking her juices as they flowed.

His fingers then slide inside her soaking pussy and he turns his attention to her clit. His tongue flicks across her hard clit, her whole body shudders.

He takes the clit into his mouth sucking just hard enough to make her moan. She lifts her pelvis off the bed, still he sucks her, harder, as his fingers fuck her, she pushes down on him.

He see's that she is ready to explode, her body trembling, her pussy tightening around his fingers, her pushing onto his face...

As her juices pour from her, her body spasms again and again, and he continues to suck her clit, bringing her over the edge. Her whole body lifting off the bed, her pussy gripping and clenching on his fingers, her juices flowing freely, her breathing in short gasps.

He releases her clit, and gently licks and kisses her dripping pussy. She lowers her body back onto the bed.

He moves along her body kissing her, each kiss like an electric shock causing her to jump at his touch. Her Belly, up along to her breasts, kissing each nipple, to her mouth, he kisses her deeply, she can taste herself from him.

"You ok?"

She can only nod.

"You sure?"

She looks at him, his face glistening with her juices, she kisses him, licks his chin, smiles and says...

"Nope.... I want more"

She pushes him onto his back and straddles him.
She see's the glint in his eyes as she takes him inside her, she rocks gently on his cock,

and scolds him...

"See, what thinking about you does to me"

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5/25/2006 3:34 am



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Sooo not fair, I have to go to bed and you made me horny!

Purry {=}


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5/23/2006 12:19 pm

So yummy...ahhh thanks for sharing...shit where is my "boy" toy???....thanks..Take care ~D~

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5/23/2006 11:35 am

Ah Super cunnilingus.... the ultimate art form and perfect start to long slow lovemaking.

Expertly written as always my PoDD!

So wish it was my tongue bringing you all that pleasure

CPP xxx

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5/23/2006 3:39 am

Tastefully written

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