Pressing AFF to Cut Down on Fake Ads  

shane21212121 44M
7/10/2006 10:01 pm
Pressing AFF to Cut Down on Fake Ads

Just for the heck of it, open the AdultFriendFinder search page & do the following search: Men seeking women within 5 miles of 32763 (Orange City, F. Now, given that Orange City has a population of about 6600 (not counting the 300 or so manatees), what percentage of these stunningly gorgeous 21 to 24-year old women do you believe are actually here "seeking men"?!

I can't help but wonder whether this is representative of the whole AdultFriendFinder site. How many of AdultFriendFinder's "23 million" active members are actually spammers placing fake ads to promote other sites?

Whatever that number is, I think we all know that it's w a y too high. I say we do something about this. Drop by the new "More 'Bang' for the Buck" group in the forums -- simply joining the group will help lend support to those of us who are willing to do more.
0% (no real ads)
90% or more (real ads)

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