Part One of a serial tale...  

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7/24/2005 10:31 am

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Part One of a serial tale...

Good for the Gander...

Part 1

It was another long overnight shift. I had already put in my first five hours in on the phones and was looking forward to my lunch break. Staffing had screwed up my schedule again, and they had given me another hour-long lunch period. Tonight, I figured I'd take advantage of the opportunity to go home and surprise my wife.

I walked out of the office and climbed into the dusty green Sable that I used for my everyday errands. As I inserted the key into the ignition, I thought about the other insertion I'd be doing shortly. Things had been very good for us lately - and I think my wife knew that I'd be coming home tonight during lunch - she had sent our son down to visit with her parents that morning.

I drove out of the parking lot, and made the turn onto the side street that would lead right past home. As I drove slowly past the club and the bingo hall, and drew close to the only lit intersection I would need to cross to get there, I allowed myself to dwell on the thoughts of the sensations I would be feeling soon - the feel of her warmth around me as I plunged deep within her folds; the harsh cries she would make as she drew closer and closer to her orgasm; the way her movements became erratic as she lost herself in pleasure...

The light changed from crimson to emerald green. I drove across the intersection and crossed the remaining blocks to the house.

As I made the turn onto our street, I slowed the car down, and then blinked in surprise. A grey Firebird was parked in my usual parking spot. I shrugged as I went around the block and parked the car on the street. I guess one of the neighbors was having a friend over...

I walked from the street to the house, my thoughts abstracted. My attention was still lost in the fantasy of the lovemaking that would shortly ensue. Still half-dreaming, I opened the outer entry to the porch.

That's when I heard her.

"God, fuck me with that monster cock!"

To Be Continued

__Huntress__ 57M/59F

7/26/2005 3:32 am

Great read ... quick ... get to Part II ...

JaniSux 46F

9/24/2005 12:55 pm

I am just reading this... late as hell since you posted it in July but I'm trying to catch up on my shaken_storm reading.. MUST FIND PART TWO!


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