Part 4 of the ongoing story...  

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Part 4 of the ongoing story...

After work, I drove quickly home, my head buzzing with ideas for a plan. Our son would be home in a couple days, so I had a limited window of opportunity - my wife wouldn't do something when he was home, because he was a notoriously light sleeper, who never failed to wake up whenever I brought her close to orgasm with him in bed.

That meant that if I wanted to catch her with her lover, I needed to somehow convince her that it would be safe to see him again. I also needed to get her frustrated enough to act without thinking about consequences. If I could drive her to that point of frustration, and time things just right - I would be able to catch them red-handed!

I pulled up to the house in the green Sable, and grinned wickedly. First of all, I needed to get her good and sexually frustrated, and I knew from experience exactly how to do that...

I quickly walked into the house, locking the entrance behind me. As I went down the hallway towards the bedroom, I quickly pulled off my indigo polo shirt and dark gray socks. I loosened my belt, unfastening it and allowing it to hang down, while I eased the bedroom door open.

She was fast asleep, lying on her ponderous belly, her head off to one side, snoring softly. The patchwork quilt she customarily slept under was askew, exposing her legs to the mid-calf. I felt a surge of lust as I looked at her, and my cock started growing from its normal withdrawn size towards full hard-on. I cautiously lowered my pants and boxers to the ground.

Silently, I knelt on the bed behind her, gently but firmly applying pressure between her legs to part them. Nervous, I looked up at the head of the bed. She shifted, turning her head to the other side, but remained asleep. My dick was at full length, and throbbing with each beat of my heart.

I eased forward between her spread legs, and I slid my hands up her flanks until they were on her hips. In a sudden movement, I pulled her hips towards me, and drove my cock into her pussy. She gasped involuntarily and woke up.

"What?" she asked muzzily.

My only response was to pull back until only the head of my cock was inside her cunt. With another savage thrust, I drove back in, to the hilt. She gave a little cry of surprise, and I could feel the first drops of wetness from within her slit, around my cock.

I started moving back-and-forth, teasing more wetness from her cunt with each thrust. I could tell she was starting to get into the sensations she was feeling, as she started giving low moans of pleasure with each thrust into her willing depths.

After a couple of minutes, she said, "Get the toy." Just as she made her request, I moaned, drowning it out. I smiled sardonically, as I kept on fucking her.

With time, my strokes become more erratic, as the sensations started becoming too much to bear. From my wife's moans, I could tell that she too was getting more and more excited. Her hips now were moving of her own volition, allowing me to use my hands to hold onto her abundant flesh.

"I'm ... fucking you ... you ... fucking slut," I half-shouted, half-moaned. I punctuated each word with a thrust into her.

"Yes!" she cried.

"Ohhh ... fuck!" I shook as I thrust into her again, my back involuntarily arching away from her. Gouts of semen erupted into her pussy has I shot my wad.

I thrust into her for a couple minutes longer, playing at trying to help her reach her orgasm as my cock softened. When she realized that I was done, and that I had lost my hard-on, she complained, "No!"

I put my best apologetic face on, and made apologetic noises.

She cursed and rolled out of the bed. Angrily, she flounced into the bathroom, to wash herself.

Once she was out of the room, I allowed myself a brief smile. The first stage of my plan had begun...

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8/9/2005 4:00 pm

Don't stop ... don't stop !

__Huntress__ 56M/59F

8/9/2005 4:01 pm

I'm sorry ... I had to leave the room a minute !

JaniSux 46F

9/24/2005 1:11 pm

Mmmmmmmm... what a way to wake up... Wow! So hot!

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