Just between us girls  

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4/2/2006 5:10 pm

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Just between us girls

Throughout the evening, there has been a sense of electricity, a spark, a palpable sexual tension that NEEDS to be addressed between her and I. I spent the night sipping my martini, looking at her beautiful cleavage in her tight black dress, fantasizing about putting my face in her breasts and slowly licking her. Making my way from her breasts, my tongue traveling up to her neck, and then finally I grab her by the hair and forcefully put my tongue in her mouth. She moans as my mouth clamps down on upon hers. ..."Are you ready to go?" she asks me and I am jolted back to reality. "Yes," I whisper. "Yes, I am sooooo ready."

After a few drinks, we are back at my place, both of us in giggles, filled with the anticipation of the evening. I've wanted her so badly from the time I first saw her picture, and I can't wait to get her alone. Just for me. Only for me. I fix us another martini, and we sit down on the couch. She starts talking about the club we were at as I start stroking her taut, creamy thigh. My hand is slowly work its way farther, and I am pushing up her skirt to get my fingers on what I want. She spreads her legs apart to accomodate me, and I gently slide a finger inside of her panties to softly stroke her clit with my finger. She lets out a small moan, and I keep my finger moving on her clit. She is so incredibly warm, and I can feel her wetness already. Knowing that I turn her on gets me even more excited and I move my other hand to cup one of her breasts.

I raise my gaze to meet hers, and while I brush her long blonde hair to the side, I ask, "May I? I've wanted my mouth on these all night long..." She nods excitedly and pants out a small, "Yesss..." as I pull her top down and my mouth clamps firmly on her nipple. My tongue flicks her nipple and I can feel it harden in my mouth. I bite it playfully and suck on it before making my way to the other one. I move my legs to straddle her while I alternate playing with her breasts and kissing her, and she moves a hand down my stomach, inside my panties. My back arches, and I let out a long sigh as she begins to touch my clit.

"I can't wait any longer," she whispers breathlessly. "I've been dying all night to taste you....I won't wait any longer!" And with that, she has pushed me down onto the couch, pushes my legs apart, and tears down my panties. She takes a moment to touch my clit again, admiring the view of my shaven pussy. Then her mouth goes straight for my clit, which is already swollen and pulsating. I groan loadly as she begins to lick me, and I'm even more turned on as I watch her continue to eat me. A string of moans escape me as she keeps her mouth on me steadily, and then suddenly I feel a finger push deep inside of me. I arch my back again, and grab her by the hair as she builds me up. "Ohhhhhhh, you are soooo good," I whisper as she continues to work me.

She stops for a minute, and says to me, "You taste sooooo fucking good." She moves up my body, grazing her breasts along my stomach and my own, and then purposefully kisses me. I can taste myself on her lips and tongue. She kisses me again, hard, and then begins to work her way back down between my legs. She stops to suck on my breasts for a bit, but doesn't stay long. She wants more of me, she loves tasting me.

Her tongue continues to work me, slowly and surely towards an orgasm. Every time her tongue touches me, powerful waves of warmth wash over me, and I am so close to coming. I tell her that I am close, and she responds by sucking hard on my clit, pushing me completely over the edge, panting and moaning and writhing and loving every second of how she makes me feel. My head falls back on the couch, I am breathless, and I close my eyes.

When I open them, she is laying beside me, softly touching my body, and says, "This is just between us girls right?" And I nod my head, as I lean over to kiss her. "Yes, just between us girls," I wink at her as I slowly move down her body to repay the favor. "Just between us girls..."

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