The reason bad things happen to you....  

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5/24/2006 9:13 pm

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The reason bad things happen to you....

Top Ten Signs You're Not Going To Win A Pulitzer Prize

10. Your op-ed pieces are all the same: Cookies Are Tasty

9. Only thing you wrote all year was a letter to CBS asking not to cancel "Yes, Dear"

8. Your scathing report on plagiarism was copied from someone else

7. Last book signing was held at Jiffy Lube

6. Your novel is sold exclusively at windowless bookstores along the interstate

5. You're the critic quoted in the ads for "Basic Instinct 2"

4. You think fact-checking is for sissies

3. Instead of covering the United States-Iraq War, opted to cover the war between 7-11 and Cumberland Farms

2. You're up against a New York Post reporter with a wallet full of bribin' money

1. Sports section has Knicks in first place

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