why do humans breed?  

rm_sgbachelor69 50M
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2/12/2005 12:16 am

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11/28/2009 7:09 pm

why do humans breed?

why do humans continue to breed when there are already too many humans in the world?

rm_bigbuck40 59M
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2/12/2005 1:16 am

its part of what we are why eat taken air pain. as for to many humans is their .opinion thought. why do pepole keep having ugly kids arent their enought.you can take man out of the woods and teach him but you cant take the woods out of the man

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2/12/2005 1:57 am

we breed so there is a fresh supply for sex parties..........


2/12/2005 2:49 am

all life is here to carry itself on!!!!! DUH

justustwoforfun 57M/42F
2 posts
2/12/2005 5:24 am

Well for one thing I think we all enjoy sex.Don't you? And we don't think at the time we get all horney about haveing children. And we are animals.When I look at your fat tool I'm not thinking about birth control although I always use it because its a habit i have because i dont what anymore. What comes to my mind is I would love to ride your fatty and see how long you would last in my tight pussy.By the way are you cliped? and if your not you should be because it could happen to you. getting someone knocked up! Just something you should think about

rm_dave881969 48M
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2/12/2005 7:24 am

Because it's fun. Unless you're Catholic.

SxyAthleticGirl 43F

2/12/2005 7:52 am

Breeding is fucking. And we like to fuck baby!!!!! lol

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