what a sms session looks like before we meet  

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3/1/2006 3:37 am

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5/12/2006 9:59 pm

what a sms session looks like before we meet

teacherear Vicky, pls call me sir instead of ben since i am ur teacher. i hope u prepared tonite's lesson. ur results not good. u have 2 b obedien
teacher:u have to listen 2 me and do what i ask u 2 do without asking. be nice with me and the lessons would be pleasant for both of us
ernie:Yes Sir.. I'm all ready to receive punishments frm u. Wat u intend to gv me?
teacher:i will give u a test first and depending on the results and ur behavior i wont hesitate to punish u.. even phisical punishments
ernie:Hmmm.. Vicky refuse to listen so she can get a spank frm sir ben. She wants to gv sir a handjob..
teacher:she wont do what she wants but what sir ben asks her to do! if not, i will spank and tie u..even blindfold u and take pictures
ernie:Sounds great! V luvs being punished.. She's simply in a thong so sir wun hv a hard time looking 4 a plce to spank. He can do it on her bare butt.
ernieh my! I want tat! Can we take a vid?
teacher:he might fingerfuck u hardly also while u are humiliatedly tied ..if he asks u to suck him, u will have to. i will take pictures and videos
ernie:Hmm nice! Cant wait. V is thirsty for ur cum..
teacher:did vicky do her assigment? a dirty entry for AdultFriendFinder? if not, she will be humiliated in her teacher's bed.. she will have a hard time
teacher:sir ben is tired and has some work on AdultFriendFinder to do (a cople gave us their ym).. vicky will help him and massage him at the beginning
ernie:Nope. Vic forgotten.. She will pwomish once she gets punished, she'll write it.
teacher:bad vicky.. sir ben will punish you!!! i hope you forgot no accessories for tonight's lesson
ernie:Jus no slippers! She 4gotten! The skirt, thong n scarves r ready.
teacher:2 bad points my dear student. that's bad for you! are u already wearing the thong?
ernie:Yep! Of course, she wants sir ben to squeeze her butt.
teacher:hummm, u seem to be a slutty virgin who wants to have hot sex with her teacher? am i wrong?
ernie:Ur totall right! I need it so badly. Sex education wasnt gd in sch.. Need more xtra courses.
teacher:then you will get what ur parents pay for: extra courses for sex educations.. u will be an expert my slut

rm_daven10 30M
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3/2/2006 6:12 am

oh my i would love to be taught by u guys too! please give me some tuition and u can get to met

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