My letter to him  

sg_yummy_couple 38M/38F
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2/24/2006 1:55 am

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6/18/2006 10:05 pm

My letter to him


Dear Pierre,

I just wanna let you know how much I adore going down on you and look at those hungry eyes. I love it so when you come in my mouth, and I
love it too when I show you the cum and your eyes look soooo appreciative. I wanna tell you that I am doing all these not because I
wanna impress or make you happy but because I am so in love in doing it. And when I do satisfy you, I feel satisfied myself.

Please bear in mind, Pierre, that I'll always be here to cherish you & make you the happiest man alive. I can't wait for us to stay together;
then, I'll make you the "morning breakfast" every single day. I will never get tired of it, and when I say, never it means so! And I do
love it too when you cum on my tummy or breasts, cos then, I'll spread it all over my body & lick bits from my bare hands. Gosh. I do love it.

I am in my office now, and no one's in. And I so wish you can drop by for a quickie. One of my fantasies, dear... To do it on my desk, with
me spreading my legs for you. Yes, just you! I want you to stand just there infront of my desk while i do down on you, kneeling there
begging for more. And I want to do the doggy with my hands on the desk. Gosh, it'll be so great. And I am kinda wet just writing this.

And baby, I do want to be your naughty, slutty school girl one day. I will bring those short netball skirt to your apartment, I will then
dress like a school girl.. wearing my glasses & tie my hair in a ponytail for you. I wanna act innocent & you being, my Prof Pierre will punish me just the way you like it.

And I can't wait to be your nurse too. You pretend to be the patient; all you have to do is just lay there on the bed and I will go down on
you, lick your balls and make you want more. And then, I will crawl on you, make you sit on your back & then I will sit on you & rock myself
against you hard. Gosh, I do love to be on top. I can feel your whole dick in me. Hmmm...

And also, I want to have frozen grapes on my tummy... You'll tease me with it. And then munch one by one of the grapes and lick me then. And
you will go down on me, and make me beg for more. And gosh.. I'm already sooo wet now. I guess, I'll just stop mesmerizing & will think
of a way when we'll be able to achieve all this.

Love from your ever slutty gf,


sassybelle21 33F  
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2/24/2006 5:26 am

A very sweet letter from the gf. He will love it

rm_Iluvasses77 40M

2/25/2006 10:03 am

awwwwww.. how nice

sg_yummy_couple 38M/38F
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2/25/2006 6:05 pm

He: Sassy, oh yes, it's a very sweet letter. I really loved it and couldn't help but thank her for her sweetness
yeah, she is such a nice lady. I am happpy i met her!

the13thstep 39M
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2/25/2006 11:06 pm

u are really a slutty gf and i wish u'd be my slut too!!!! haha

rm_Iluvasses77 40M

4/8/2006 4:06 am

what abt let mt try that slutty gf of yrs for a nite hey? lol

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