Uncovered: Our Preznut's Nickname List  

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Uncovered: Our Preznut's Nickname List

Boys and Girls! One reason folks love the Preznut so much is the folksy charm he shows in giving sarcastic nicknames to everyone he meets! Have a look at his complete list, then invent some of your own! You'll find nothing spices up playground time like the spirited hurling of personalized derision! Be like Our Chimperor and be endlessly insulting.

Jack Abramoff-Guiltless Über-Patriot

Kofi Annan-U.N. Secretary General

Tony Blair-Prime Minister of Britain
"My Beeeeeeeeyotch"

Michael Brown-Disaster Expert
Was "Brownie" and is now known as "Shit Stain"

Jeb Bush-Governor of Florida

Laura Bush-First Lady

Ahmed Chalabi-Iraqi Patriot
"The Teflon Sheik"

Hugo Chavez-President of Venezuela
"Cabeza de Caca"

Dick Cheney-Vice President
"Mr. Cheney, Sir"

Lynne Cheney-Second Lady

Michael Chertoff-Sec. Homeland Security

Jacques Chirac-President of France
"Froggy le Poodle"

Bill Clinton-42nd U.S. President
"Pimp Daddy"

Hillary Clinton-U.S. Senator (NY)
"Senator Carpet-muncher"

Ann Coulter-Noted Right Wing Author and Opinion-Haver
"Gash Limbaugh"

Tom Delay-Former U.S. Congressman
"Roach Motel"

Vicente Fox-President of Mexico
"Frito Bandito"

Bill Frist-U.S. Senator (TN)/Senate Majority Leader
"Dr. Kiss-Ass"

Alberto Gonzales-U.S. Attorney General
"Poncho Honcho"

Al Gore-Former U.S. Vice President/43rd U.S. President
"Mr. Poopypants Loser Dickhead"

Stephen Harper-Prime Minister of Canada
"Governor 51"

Katherine Harris-U.S. Congressgirl
"Avon Lady"

Dennis Hastert-Speaker of the House
"Penis HastaHurt"

Charleton Heston-Actor/Marksman
"Moses Winchester"

Saddam Hussein-Fmr. Leader of Iraq

Ted Kennedy-U.S. Senator (MA)

John Kerry-U.S. Senator (MA)
"Lurch Dukakis"

Osama bin Laden-Al Qaeda Leader

Rush Limbaugh-Beloved Demagogue
"Little Whore"

Angela Merkel-Chancellor of Germany

Harriet Miers-Presidential Counsel
"Dirty Harry"

Dennis Miller-Former Hilarious Celebrity
"Shecky Goebbels"

Hosni Mubarak-President of Egypt
"Pharaoh Hos-Mu"

Ray Nagin-Mayor of New Orleans

Nancy Pelosi-U.S. Congressgirl

Vladimir Putin-President of Russia

Muammar al-Qaddafi-Leader of Libya
"Momo al-Labia"

Josef Ratzinger-Pope
"Father Scat-Finger" or "Panzer Kardinal"

Condoleezza Rice-U.S. Sec. of State
"Brown Sugar"

John Roberts-Supreme Court Chief Justice
"Pretty Boy"

Pat Robertson-McJesus Mogul/Goofy Fucker with a TV Network

Karl Rove-Political Advisor
"Turd Blossom"

Donald Rumsfeld-Secretary of Defense
"Duke Nukem"

Abdullah al Saud-King of Saudi Arabia
"Your Royal Gaspump"

Antonin Scalia-U.S. Supreme Court Justice
"Pitbull the Dago"

Ariel Sharon-Prime Minister of Israel
Was known as "Shlomo Psychostein," but post surgery became "Gefilte Brains"

Arlen Specter-U.S. Senator (PA)
"Peach Fuzz"

Oprah Winfrey-Talk Show Personality

Jiang Zemin-Fmr. Leader of China
"Jiang, Jiang, Chicken Wiang"

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