Other Baby Names Nicholas Cage Considered  

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Other Baby Names Nicholas Cage Considered

BY Francis (Frankie the Cheese) Coppola Angina, Darius Coppola Stugats, Leonard (Lenny Shark) Coppola Madonna-Mia, Dweezil Coppola Cage and Ohmy Gosh Coppola Shapiro

Recently, actor Nicolas Cage (Vampire's Kiss, Trapped in Paradise, Amos and Andrew) and his wife (not famous) gave birth to a son they named Kal-El, which (perhaps not coincidentally) was also the Kryptonian birth name of the fictional character Superman. What follows is the list of other names the Cages considered before settling on Kal-El Coppola Cage.

Clark Kent Cage

Krypto the Superdog Cage

Kandor Coppola Cage

Face/Off Cage

Nerdly Q. Cage

Jimmy Olsen Cage

Marlon Brando Cage

Phantom Zone Cage

Lex Luthor Cage

Man of Steel Cage

Deathmatch Steel Cage

Rage Inna Cage

Obscure Reference Cage

Luke Cage Cage

Proty Cage

Bizarro Yellow Lantern Cage

VG/NM Staple Missing In Mylar Cage

Goody Rickles Cage

Red-Headed Beatle of 1000 A.D. Cage

Kilawog Cage

Hal Jordan Cage

Mxyzptlk Cage

Namor Cage, Esq.

Logan Cage

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Cage

My Dad Is Insane Cage

Ah-Suip-Eh Cage

Lawrence of Arabia Cage

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