My, my did you ever get me wet!  

sfvppl818 51M/51F
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4/25/2006 1:25 pm

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5/3/2006 4:58 am

My, my did you ever get me wet!

On Saturday night imagine my surprise when I saw you come to the corner in your oh, so hot, hot-rod. I was sitting in the restaurant across the street. The way your vintage, what, 50's chevy station wagon all custom built gleamed in the twilight and the streetlamps. I saw you look around to see if anyone noticed you. I have to admit, no one really did. It is LA; in one of the hottest night spots in town. Perhaps, that's what made you decide to do what you did? I mean, that no one noticed you.

How much time did you spend on that car? It was all nice and black and those flames on the fenders. Gorgeous. It must have cost a ton. The chrome wheels and I'm imagining the station wagon model is pretty rare. How odd you'd put a "Bud Man" logo on the back? The vanity plates were awesome. But, I digress, when I saw your beautiful cheesy little mustache, I got totally hot. Grr. I was ready.

And, then, Oh, my GOD! When you lit up your tires! I mean, right there! In our little neighborhood. Wow! You really, really lit up your tires! Almost brought me right to orgasm! OOOHH! They burned wicked. Gosh, I haven't seen anyone do that since, well, my freshman year of high school.

But, there you were. Those tires just spinning and kicking up so much noise and smoke, I gotta admit EVERYONE turned to look, now. I mean it was just so cool. You must have felt everyone's eyes, too, because you sure kept it up for a long time.

So long in fact that you really got going good.

Imagine how much I lost my arousal when you completely lost control and smashed right into the back of that meat van.

Which was parked.

I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad but, what, would you say maybe 60 people got up to look? I'm really amazed you got out of the car?

I bet the guy who owned that 2005 BMW two-door you also tore the front off of got his painties in a bunch, too.

So, I'm sorry I didn't stick around much longer but you drew quite a crowd and I figured you were gonna be busy for a while. It was amazing that absolutely no one said a word to you. They didn't need to. 'Cause, I'm just guessing you kind of felt, well, just a little stupid?

But, honey, you weren't stupid to me.

Call me.

I'll buy the cab.

mondauthor 31M
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4/25/2006 1:54 pm

LMAO! Some guys never become men.

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