Just the simple fact of it  

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5/31/2006 7:36 am

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Just the simple fact of it

A good friend of mine was recently bemoaning to me about the absurd nature of women. (Us girls? Absurd? Unthinkable!) He was lamenting on the fact that when he is single, he never gets hit on, but now that he's happily involved, he's got girls surrounding him like dogs in heat. The old adage of: "When you need it, you can't get it. When you don't need it, you've suddenly got too much of it."

The answer to the ancient riddle of why women flock to attached men is deceptively simple. "It's because I've got a strong sense of confidence when I've got a girlfriend," he said to me. Nope. Try again. "It's because women are romantically competetive. They don't want to see another woman happy if they're not happy," he suggested. Yeah, nice try, but you just blew the Daily Double.

The real reason comes down to this one fact: Women treat men like men treat cars. We need to know that the merchandise is not a lemon before we make our purchase.

You see, women are bombarded with come-ons and masculine bullshit every which way we turn every single day of our lives from the moment that we dip our toe in the pool of puberty. As little boys, you guys chase us around, pull our hair and stick pointy things on our chairs. You immaturely torment us in your pursuit of displaying your misguided affections. As teenagers, you spend the majority of our date time trying to talk us into some deviant act, guilting us into compliance with a barrage of logical arguments like: "If you don't, I'll explode!" As grown men, you fearfully cower in the presence of expressed emotion, begging for "space" even when we haven't spoken to you in days.

Can you really blame a girl for being just a tad leery of the male species?

We don't want you because you're good-looking. We couldn't care less if you had the confidence of a 200 pound woman wearing a bikini. All we see is that you've been test-driven, and someone found you worth the ride. In our nation of consumption and in our human nature to covet, it is that fact that makes you most appealing to us.

Moral of the story, children? Men: be wary of the girl sitting in your lap, licking your ear and telling you that she'll be your dirty little secret and you can keep it between the two of you. Because that's the chick that will call your girlfriend in the morning. Women: Think of another woman's man like you would her wardrobe; just because it looks good on her, doesn't mean that it's going to fit your fat ass.

Till next time..... play nice.

rm_gerson42 53M
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5/31/2006 7:44 am

I completely understand the bombarded with come-ons reasoning. Read that somewhere else also recently where the writing also suggested that due to that proliferation, women make a decision in about 12 seconds in whether to give a guy the twice-over. Just to be efficient. Thanks for the post, I for one enjoy this type of material to give a little insight into your world.

sfvppl818 replies on 5/31/2006 4:47 pm:
You're pretty close, but miles away in explanation. Actually it's the length of time to move eyes in your direction, do the elevator eyes from the waist to your head, then that smooth glance back to the bartender ... roughly 4.7 seconds.

This is why. She can add you to the possibility list right there. If you fail, you can buy her two drinks, max, then it's off to see her friends for the next contestant. There are no parting gifts unless you like cherry stems.

Now here's the key, which signifies if you EVER get a chance at her sweet spot, so to speak. A serious candidate can hold her attention for no less than 10 minutes. If her eyes start glancing over either shoulder to see who has walked in ... dead! But, if she tilts her head a bit and looks away with a smile ... you're into her Mickey Mouse Club, and she'll see you real soon!

That's what I call the moment of temporary submissive insanity - a short window into which a woman jumps like a pure idiot before you get to see his bathroom, his clothes and what he drives along with his shoes. It's not about money, it's about natural selection and only the strongest survive, Sporto!

To recap: you've got 4.7 seconds to get us interested, and 10 more to keep it. After that, it's Darwin and several observations of the critter in his natural habitat.

bipolybabe 56F

5/31/2006 7:57 am

I loved this explanation for female poaching!

What am I doing following gerson's naked ass again?

Doesn't that man ever work? He's all over these blogs!


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sfvppl818 replies on 6/1/2006 8:06 pm:
Thanks for the post, I for one enjoy this type of material to give a little insight into your world.

Bipoly, tell this man that curiosity killed the cat. I don't think this is a box he wants to open now or ever more!

PS - I had this little maltese one time that made that ger sound. I was destroyed when a new Thai houselady tried to impress us with a doggie stir fry .. thank god I recognized his tiny little collar in the noodles.

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