Her Denial of Wetness - A Romance Novella (Part 4)  

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6/1/2006 3:20 am
Her Denial of Wetness - A Romance Novella (Part 4)

Is this real? It can't be real, she thought, breathless and dizzy. But she accepted the invitation, wanted that invitation. She pulled the sweater over her head, stood up and pulled off her
panties. Dangling breasts bumped and squeezed between her arms as she bent over.

It flashed back to reality, but she had already decided. She wanted to feel him, and feel it, she didn't care why, it didn't matter that it was here. It was open stage night, and everybody was going to get one hot show. She brought him to his feet. Not pulled, but made him get up, using the same force of yearning that she was feeling. He reached towards her, she took his hands and turned him towards the stage, and tried to reach around from behind to unbutton his shirt as she followed, but her chest squished up in the way against his back and she couldn't reach.

That's wrong, she vaguely thought through the hazy feelings, I've done this before. Why can't I do it now, why are my breasts in the way? But she dismissed the thought, she could figure it out later. She made the buttons want to come undone, and they opened from top to bottom. The pants too, and Jake was surprised as he turned to look down and find his penis freeing itself from his underwear, prying it down past his hips and letting it fall to join his pants around his ankles.

She didn't even pay attention to anyone around her any more, she just knew they all were as horny as she was. She faced him and looked down his newly available body. She knew that cock, it had been good to her, it was familiar, it looked nice. Turned slightly sideways so she could reach around herself she grabbed it and felt its instinctive pulse - feelings which brought back the best memories.

She pressed it between their bodies and kissed him. Everywhere
skin touched was a new and familiar pleasure, body feelings she wanted, here and now. A craving radiated from her and affected everyone in the room. Slow writhing rubbed the right parts together between them, her legs and arms embraced and positioned her body against his where she wanted it, almost effortlessly, his hands on her butt holding her up and against, giving in to her, entering her, sweetly filling her the way she wanted. She felt the sensation all the way up to her brain.

He gasped, shuddered against her. That was all she needed - she let go falling into orgasm and her brain melted, their bodies
tightened together. Every sense was on pleasure, waves of it washing her clean of awareness. Energy poured out from the union between them, replenishing, captured... the entity within her drank what it needed to rebuild itself. It was now ready to leave and it flowed out of her with the orgasm. She felt it, in the midst of their sexual release she felt the energies it had built up and absorbed from everyone, its wonder and mystery, charm and order, cascades of emotions and beauty tumbling out over the essence of being.

She felt it released from her, reborn, and even in the midst of all the confusion she understood what it was, and all those entities of structured energy like it - they were little aspects of beauty making their way through the universe, touching on things, exploring the vast worlds and growing from them. They helped hold beauty together against the cold... and the universe had nearly lost one of them.

She felt the addition of its gratitude as it left her, felt its love for her. She had been its home. She had held it within her, kept it safe. It would remember her in its travels, for the rest of time, long after she had died. A part of her would touch everything beautiful that it ever found. She knew, lying there, panting, sweaty, how much it valued her, face pressed against Jake's chest, legs still tangled with his, in a way that no merely mortal man ever could. She allowed herself an eternity to rest there, collecting afterglow. Then she lifted her face and kissed Jake's lips. He was overwhelmed as she was, caught up in the same entity's energies, but without the understanding.

"Time to get up now," she said.

Physically back to normal, she stood up and Jake followed her. The people around them had done whatever they decided to do, she hadn't noticed and wasn't really interested, and they weren't paying her or Jake any attention.

She was making sure they weren't.

This control of biopheric energy, she thought, walking naked back to their table, this has some definite possibilities.

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