Her Denial of Wetness - A Romance Novella (Part 2)  

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Her Denial of Wetness - A Romance Novella (Part 2)

"So what about a girl who dyes her hair, that's fake too," Melissa was asking Jake.

"Well that's kind of a whole different level, you might as well
ask if someone wears different clothes, and that makes them look different, is that fake?"

"What did I miss?" Corinne asked.

"Jake thinks those boobs are real," Tamara replied.

"Well, they feel like it," Jake defended himself.

"You think I got implants? When could I have afforded implants even if I wanted them?"

"No, we know they're not implants 'cause they weren't that way yesterday," Tamara explained, "so I thought they might be packing or something, silicone padding."

"What way yesterday? Are you guys trying to make me take my top off too?" Corinne laughed.

"Who was trying to get you to do that?" Melissa asked.

"Oh, no one, I was just teasing Sammy about that today. I had to take it off for a minute earlier, and I think he got a kick out of

Fields of energy were slowly gathering around them, too. Spoons in the cups swiveled towards her. She nudged the spoon in her own cup away from her, and watched it slide back.

"Did he think they're real?" Tamara asked.

"Oh come on," Corinne replied, nudging Tamara's shoulder. Another spark flew.

"Oh, sorry!" she exclaimed, but Tamara laughed.

"Yeah, at least those are real," she said, still laughing.

Tamara was naked for a flash, laughter rippling like waves
through her own breasts, before it passed.

"Okay, you want to know for sure, then here," Corinne said, "just to settle the issue". She put her cup down and slid the straps off her shoulders, then pulled down the top of the dress, until the stitches for one of the laces broke from the stress of sliding down over her top.


"It's okay you don't have to show us," Jake said quickly.

"Well it's already broken, I might as well finish," she replied,
pulling the dress down to her waist and then pulling up the turtleneck sweater. "See? Convinced?" They hung to about the top of her stomach, and she wiggled side to side for emphasis.

Locker rooms filled with dozens of naked women swam around her head.

"I'm sure I've never seen them that big," Andrea, who'd been
quiet so far, spoke up. She was the jock, she'd probably been in the most locker rooms.

"I have," said Will, beside her.

"Boob fetish magazines don't count," Mikhael countered.

"Then no," he admitted.

Corinne finished tucking the sweater back in place. Energy
swirled around the whole place, generated by a dozen disbelieving eyes and the basic instincts behind them. She felt some disturbing thoughts come from some where, a sense of disapproval or wrongness, but they got smoothed out and disappeared. No one had to worry about them.

"But now I need to fix this dress," she said, looking down. She
was energized by the feelings, and saw the shoelace and loose cloth sticking out from her and waving like she was charged with static electricity.

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