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5/16/2006 8:00 am

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Happy Monday

It is a beautiful sunny Monday, and my relationship status is such that I am cleaning out my bedroom drawers; don't get so delusional there ... he's off to work already. But back to the issue here - socks and underwear all stacked perfectly. The dildo, vibrator, lube and replacement of batteries stash were too. You know, as my dude once told me, you better watch out with that giant 12 inch dildo because it will soon stretch you out to the max and you will feel like a wet paper bag!

Gladly, I did take his advice. Others did not have such supportive men in their relationships: the outcome terrifies me knowing just how close a woman could come to entertaining the idea of a double fist DP ... only because thats the only way she and her fuckpal could get off. I know my dude, and he would be very nice about it ... but he couldn't ride the wave, so to speak!

Then I saunter around the bed, looking as sexy and elegant as I think I am - of course I am playing around and not taking myself too seriously, but do I have a future in webcam for bucks (aka, America's solution for allowing lonely bored housewives to get into porno without actually fucking someone ......

....... on camera, at least)?

For the moment I realize that I am getting wet with this strange proposition, dancing through my mind. Then fantasies I could weave ... me in a secret sex profession, a Junior High teacher, no less! Yes! All those sweet young boys needing MY direction in the affairs of touch and pleasure! Oh yes! Stop me before I go fucking blind now!

I get to the bottom of the nightstand, and discover half a Costco sized box of blue, foil squares. Ah...old friends, I remember you well. The optimism of buying a box of 12, it was only surpassed by taking a risk with a box of 300. The butterflies in the tummy on the night of your unveiling. And now you sit abandoned. And, as it turns out, soon to expire. I'm a frugal sort. I hate wasting anything. So now I've got a timeline for final deployment: June 6, 2006.

A commemoration of the Normandy Invasion! Holy Gosh Give Me a Big Puddle Between My Quivering Thighs!

But how do I pull this off?

How about ... you email me and I get you on the list? I'm very task oriented--I love working against a deadline. Kinda turns me on too!

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