Fuck that stupid beeeyotch!  

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5/18/2006 3:36 am

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Fuck that stupid beeeyotch!

"So, was that good?" I asked, putting down the empty Coke can and brushing my hair out of my face. He slowly looked up at me. "Uhhh... what do you think?" he asked. I shrugged. "You tell me." I replied, crossing my arms in front of my chest and bullying him into responding by shooting him an insistant look. "I... uhhhh... well, I.... you know!!" he stammered. "Couldn't you tell that it was good??" His hands were fluttering around like a flock of seagulls disturbed by a handful of McDonalds french fies being tossed nearby.

I let my arms slide off of my chest. I sat back and took a long, hard look at this guy sitting on my bed, his head held low, his eyes darting around like those of an animal trapped in a cage. His hands were quivering ever so slightly. His foot was shaking in a chaotic rhythm. He was the picture of the term "OWNED". I saw it. I recognized it. I fucking BASKED in it.

I lowered my voice to a purr. "You really liked that, didn't you?" I asked, letting those last two words slide out of my lips like a snake's tongue. His hands came to a rest in his lap. His head sank lower. He nodded the faintest of nods. The feeling of power washed over me like a tidal wave and the euphoria set in. I'd found the key, I thought, my silly little teenaged mind was chewing that over, setting myself up for many interesting future events. I'd known girls who'd already gone "all the way" with guys at that point, and most of them felt lousy about it afterward. The consensus seemed to be that when they let those boys onto their bodies, they lost power, they lost a degree of control.

I hadn't. I'd remained entirely in control throughout the whole experience. And sitting here in the "afterglow," I was the one in the position of power. I was the one watching the guy pull up his pants, feel used, feel - in a sense - ashamed. Every girl I'd spoken to had explained what that feeling was like. I felt like I had vindicated every single one of them in that moment, seeing that look wash across his face. Perhaps you will read this and think that I was cruel to believe this, but I believe that cruelty is in actions and not thoughts. My actions were rather kind, all things considered. He'd gotten "his" and I'd gotten "mine."

I was so thrilled to be able to have this nugget of wisdom to spread to my fellow females. The following week, I tried to explain the power, I tried to explain the look on his face, I tried to explain that they didn't need to fuck a guy, that they didn't need to get goaded into getting naked, goaded into exposing themselves, goaded into their eventual shame and embarassment.

Was I greeted with thanks? Was I clapped on the back and congratualated? Was my information held in the regard with which it should have been?


I was looked at as if I was a freak. I was told I was a slut, even by girls who'd already been through pregnancy scares, girls who the guys laughed at, girls who the guys mocked and ridiculed, not behind their backs but to their faces. I was told that what I did was "gross," "disgusting," and "fucking wrong." I was alienated. I began to develop my mistrust for women in those moments. My lack of faith in them. My sense of disrespect.

As I got older and these girls became women, I discovered that there were a small number of them who had realized what I had, and a little of that trust, faith and respect returned. Today I was talking with my friend Danielle and when I mentioned that I considered the blowjob to be the ultimate power within the realm of sexual acts, she nodded hard.

"Any pussy can get a man to cum, but not every mouth can. That takes talent. If you can get a man off with your mouth, you can get any damn thing you want out of him afterward," she said, speaking like a preacher to a choir. I chimed in a hearty "EXACTLY!" and we high-fived.

I've sworn off of sex for awhile, but I'm not opposed to administering blowjobs. The male friends in my life ask me why this is, why I would want to give up getting my own rocks off. Thing is, getting a guy off with a blowjob is still such a powertrip for me, that I do get my rocks off. Power is a very intoxicating thing.

Orgasms come and they go... but seeing that look of "OWNED" on a guy's face? That image is burned into memory for a lifetime.

Fuck that stupid beeeyotch! Marny was the one who had it right.

Blowjobs aren't just blowjobs. They equal something much better than a marriage proposal from a German mechanical engineering major. They equal POWER.

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5/18/2006 3:58 am

I agree!

Purry {=}


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