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Disraeli said what about statistcs?

Online dating statistics for the period ended 12-31-05
A Harper’s Index of sorts

Total on-line generated potential dating contacts: 47
Number of men I decided not to meet after speaking on the phone: 7
Number I decided to meet even after deciding they were duds on the phone: 4
Total number of meetings which I loosely refer to as "first dates":37*
Number of second dates:3
Number of third dates: 0
Number of times I was stood up: 1
Number of men I would have liked to have had second date with but did not: 1
Number of men I have chosen to remain in contact with: 1 **

Dates by month/First Date/Second Date
October /3/0
November/ 1/0

Approximate total amount of coffee consumed on first dates:20 cups*** (average consumption per date was 1 cup)
Exact amount of hot chocolate consumed on first dates: 3 cups
Approximate amount of alcohol consumed on first dates: 16 ****
Exact number of meals consumed on dates (first or second):5
Average duration in time per date:1.25 hours
Shortest duration of date: 30 seconds ^
Longest duration of a date: 5 hours ^^
Dating time as expressed in marathon running equivalent time: 9.25 marathons ^^^
Dating time as expressed in book reading equivalent time: approximately 6 ^^^^
Number of men who were accompanied by children on first date: 1
Number of children who accompanied man: 3 `
Number of men who griped about having to pay child support: 4
Number of men who left dog in car while on first date in February: 1
Number of men who were married or otherwise attached: 16 ``
Number of holidays spent with a date: 0
Lesson learned: Online dating sucks.

* Included but was not strictly limited to coffee, drinks, brunch, a few sets of fucking, run in the park, etc. Alright, no actual runs in the park occurred, but I did think it a good idea
** Congenial and attractive fuck partners can be either hard to come or unreliable in LA
*** Average cup of coffee was 8 oz, excepting Starbucks coffee which is only available in gigantic sizes. Nota bene: Men who insisted on meeting at Starbucks risked having the duration of the date cut in half and were not considered to be serious dating material. Where Starbucks was the default location due to inclement weather, time of day, or other unavoidable circumstances, an open mind prevailed.
**** Total beverage consumption exceeds total number of first dates due to mutual decision to "have another round"
^ Due to grossly inaccurate physical self description thus causing me to virtually turn on a dime. Height/weight proportionate does not mean 5’2” and in excess of 200 lbs. Slight hyperbole, as I did not turn on dime, but rather checked out mentally in a flash.
^^ Includes travel time to and from tennis courts, warm up and several sets of tennis
^^^ Does not include travel time to from marathon start and finish. Absolutely, does not include marathon training time
^^^^ Assumes a Booker Man prize quality novel of approximately 400 pages. Does not include technical manuals, postmodern texts, “For Dummies” handbooks, or Heidegger. For works with lengthy forwards or introductions time may require adjusting.
` Presumably the children were the progeny of the subject and were not borrowed for the occasion
` ` Number is based upon honesty of reporting subjects and is not necessarily an accurate figure

alan691966 51M

5/20/2006 8:27 pm

it sad couple but locks like and seems like it is just a man

sfvppl818 replies on 5/21/2006 3:06 pm:
I must tell you I really don't understand your language, or lack thereof. Obviously you have a tattoo and you are extremely proud of it.

You know if you just fork out a few bucks and use the english language appropriately, I would gladly show you just how wrong you are.

But, oh well, sometimes dreaming is just enough for some of us.

bipolybabe 56F

5/21/2006 10:09 pm

My stats to date for meeting single men (haven't met any women):

1st Mtgs (in 6 months): 57
Number of beach walks (hate coffee dates): 37
Number of beach kisses: 27
Number who got to second base: 9
Number who scored: 12
Number of those who got a second time at bat: 9
Number I'm still seeing after the third time: 1
Number of those I'd like to see (fuck) again who haven't called me: 4

Shit. That sounds bad, like I'm a bad lay. I know that's not true. Maybe I'm just not right for those guys. Since I'm committed to not emasculating men any longer, I won't say that I think they just have their heads up their asses.


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