Ali G swoops in and beeeeyotches me out!!  

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4/28/2006 6:07 pm

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Ali G swoops in and beeeeyotches me out!!

Bonjour Babies,

Forgive my silence beautiful bosomed babies - shame and a Shoalin style Killa hangover made me skip my wooing dooties. Woke up and saw my ass in the mirror - looked like some freaky Planet of the Ape Ass shit in front o me.

But I be all better physically - it's just emotionally I needs your tenderness babies. I cloze my eyes honeys - I see you out there - wearing nuttin but maybe yo panties, and that lacy red bra, your skin bein' illuminated by my words in your cold dark room ...yeah baby - if only I could BE those words shining off your nekkid, sweaty skin.

Why ain't you writin me babies? I'm just a man... though I admit a fine spessimen of man - there no need to have no shame darlins! I am an equal opportunity lover - you just tell yours so truly when and where baby, and my big brown beautiful hairy ass will be bumping up and down there quicker than you can say Herpes Simplex! Don't matter if you too tall (brest-feedin height fo me babies), too short (Rest ma forty on yo head cuty pie - tho you better be just short and no junior high girls - coz my parole officer warned me bout you Mouseketters, know what I sayin - show me yo ID, and I'll show you ma pepee!), too fat (the belly button girlz, can be an orifice of choice during those feminin cycles you be havin), too skinny (I ain't too strong a man ladies, and there be plenty positions on that deck of cards pappa left me we could be tryin), too ugly (even a dog needs a bone ladies)... and well too bootiful will never be a problem.

Truthful now - i have been getting a couple babies letters in my box .. and sure enough I fired right back at their box! Kim, she be dawgin me - GG and Aimee too... where you at girls - I won't bite you less you ask me too... you know you need some T-man lovin. Maybe you three could get together - and we can try this porn style - coz lord knows (hence both his womenz be named Mary) nuttin better then two womyn's kissin!

Anyway babies - I got a little bidness relationship with a Miss Kandee Hoffman on Vine St. this evening to relieve some of my biological frustrations - she be doing some fine work if anybody out there needs any assistance, and her rates are quite reasonable for the off season - tell her T-Man sent you , and she may even throw in some latexated protecktion fo free.

Befo I leaves you though think about this - there be three billion of you fine honeys out there, and we only got maybe fiddy years left on this planet - do you want to dies just like the rest, or do you wanna be one of the special honeyss that rises up to the good Lord with a lovin smile on your face. Time is precious babies...

Babies, you can put your clothes back on now, and goes to bed... you catch yo death sittin around in yo panties like that ... and judgin' by yo be a cold room...

Da Ali Man

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