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5/18/2006 5:20 am

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A World of Cunning Linguists

Explain something to me, please.

Why is it that men these days are all bragging about how good they are at going down on a woman? At finessing the pink carpet? At eating out at the feminine buffet? Call it what you'd like, the men that respond to my blogs, the ones that I've been talking to personally, the ones that send me unsolicited e-mail... all claim to be the best pussy lickers on the block. Am I missing something? When did proclaiming your oral savvy become the "thing" to do?

I remember back when there were men willing to say that they didn't know step one about oral sex, you know, wayyyyy back in the ancient 1990's. Guys who would shamelessly admit that they didn't know squat about what it took to get a woman off with their tongues. There were even men who would admit that they had given up on going down due to never having been given proper instruction, or that they were turned off by the sight or smell of the vagina. No one hated on these men. Sure, we might not have written them in on the top of our "To Fuck" lists, but we didn't fault them for not wanting to munch on the shag carpet.

Hell, it's most evident in the movie "Chasing Amy" where Alyssa and Banky have their monumental discussion over the what-fors of oral gratification. Each shares their horror stories. (For those of you who have never seen this movie, my bringing it up is going to fall flat and sound like a pointless interjection and an unnecessary diversion from the point I was trying to make. For those of you who have seen the moive... ROCK ON! You're my kind of peeps!) But the point is that no one thought that what Banky was arguing about was all that off-base. Now we have this legion of men who are so wrapped up in their pride over their oral skills. It's such a 180.

My question is: How many of these guys are really telling the truth? How many of them really DO enjoy going down on a woman as much as they are claiming to? And how many of them are really as good as they are purporting to be? We all know how women fake. We all know how women would rather save the male ego than be honest and admit that it feels more like they are fishing around for the last Cheerio floating at the bottom of the cereal bowl than admit that we're really not getting any satifaction from their exploits. Why are men these days so damn convinced that they are rocking the anti-cock?

Interesting side note: How often do you hear women bragging about how awesome their fellatio skills are? Sure there are those of us who do (and in my case, with good reason *wink wink nudge nudge*) but it's hardly in the numbers that the men are doing their bragging. In fact, it's more common to hear a good percentage of women talk about how they "never" go down on men, that they hate it, that they'd only do it with someone special, etc, etc. But from the men who've fucked 4 people to the men who've fucked 400, they're all broadcasting their supposed Olympic-level skill. I just don't get it.

Having a man go down on me is not a required course in my sexual meal. But lately, it's been a course that is being forced upon me. When I say I'm not hungry for it, why are you insisting that I MUST partake it in? This is not a scenero where I envision arguing over something being a featured bit. Just accept that I'm not into it. Why persist in doing something that the other participant has already determined to not be necessary?

On those occasions when I do cave and say, "Fine, go ahead, do your thing," it's never as show-stopping as the player has been insisting it would be. Sure, there's a whole lot of enthusiasm present that I didn't see from other players back in my initial forays into the sexual arena, but it's never something so grand as to go running and bragging to my friends about. It's pleasant, the consideration is appreciated, but Oscar-worthy? Nope.

I can just hear the males reading this now saying to themselves, "Well, she's just never been with me." Ok, ok, ok, ok. So maybe I haven't been with you. But I don't think that it would really be all that different. I can also hear the women thinking "Well, when you're with someone that you really love and care about, it's better than just random sex." This I can kind of see as well, but I'm not just going to give up on sex completely while looking for my romantic counter-part, either.

I've always been a big supporter of talking, listening and being open-minded. I've written about it in prior entries. There is no guarantee that if you go down on a woman, she's going to experience the best orgasm of her life and subsequently fall madly, insanely in love with you and your skills. At least, I'm not that girl. So would you please kindly stop talking about how great you are at polishing the pearl? I'd much rather hear about the kind of kick-ass massages you give.

Now those? Those will win me over every time.

Udo24fun 106M/107F

5/18/2006 6:30 am

When a man approaches you with the fact that HE is great at giving oral to you check the red lamp on the dash, it is the first warning sign. Second as a friend stated it is usually because they lack in another department. Third, they hope they do a good enough job that you will want to reciprocate.
1. Never feel you have to reciprocate if a man goes down on you.
2. If you are not in the mood tell him once. The second time show him the door.
There are guys out there that DO honestly enjoy eating at the feminine buffet. That can go there and only there with no expectations or request for anything else. And the biggest suprise of all "there are guys that are far better than others". With a little knowledge of the female anatomy, attention to responses and a genuine desire to please, there are men that can give a girl the trill of a life-time. but I still like to feel a man between my legs.

rm_abutoo2 45M
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5/18/2006 1:29 pm

I love to eat pussy. And I have to admit it's selfish as hell too. I love it when a woman's cumming with her legs around my head trying to keep from squeezing me to death, and then there is the benefit that she has come... the first one is usually the hardest one right? Then when my cock gets involved, I don't feel so pressured to make her come again. I always try, but sometimes the stamina just isn't there. and I hate to get my nut without giving her an honest go at getting hers too. There are also times when I'm really not in the mood. So I go down on her, and when she starts coming and seriously face fucking me, I get hard as a rock and *presto* I'm in the mood, lol.

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