White Men & Asian Women: the geek/dork argument and more  

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4/3/2006 10:33 pm

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White Men & Asian Women: the geek/dork argument and more

The tall blondie's email below is another classic rant. White women who get irritated by White guys dating Asian girls always classify the men in one of two subcategories:

1. Geeks/Dorks
2. Secretly gay

Both are bitter, both amuse me, both are the products of miserable souls.

Let's start with the first one: being dubbed a "geek" or "dork" is an insult that goes back to grade school, and essentially seeks to recapture the bullying attitudes hurled at certain men by the jock culture that tends to hold power during childhood and adolescence. Once said geeks, dorks, and nerds enter the real world, the first two are classifications ascribed to guys who still find more interest in, say, Japanese movies than in the NFL. (I'm "weird" because I prefer to spend a Sunday afternoon with a Takeshi Kitano movie than watching 300 pound men jumping on each other? Really?). "Nerd" tends at this point to find its brother with "loser," and these two categories of men tend to struggle finding dates of any kind (whereas "geeks" and "dorks" simply date women who don't typically move in the same social circles as those who date the "jocks").

Hence, at this point, anyone who is not brawny, fratty, or interested in the same traditional cultural earmarks of white collar American men is a "dork" or "geek" (parlance that, post high school, essentially means "nerd that has sex").

By hurling this description at Asian-dating guys, the bitter white woman seeks to place herself above them in the social power structure. This author, after all, reminds us that she's "cool." (She doesn't try to prove it -- we're supposed to take her at her word). Dorks and geeks, in traditional cliches, are the epitome of "uncool."

I was dubbed a nerd in grade school. Straight A's, liked comic books, had baseball stats memorized in my head, wore big big glasses, and was skinny as a twig. But I've dated white girls and Asian girls. Generally speaking, the relationships with the Asian girls have been highlighted by their greater tendency towards sanity, while the white girls have commonly eased into shrill selfishness. So that begs this question: is "geek/dork" activated by a toggle switch every time my girlfriend's race changes? So when I date you, Ms. Bitter Blonde, I'm okay?

Let's look at #2 (this author did not make this argument, but it's common enough that it bears mentioning). Women who make this claim base it on the fact that Asian girls commonly found attractive are thin/petite, and as such "resemble boys." The upset white women who make this attack then conclude that this demonstrates that the man in the relationship is closeted. (Never mind the fact that the petite girl to skinny boy comparison is about as valid as claiming a man who dates a woman with a bit too much girth secretly lusts after the beer-bellied middle-aged men in sports bars).

(Hell, frankly I think there are more closeted "jock" guys afraid to come out than there are "geeks" anyway).

Simply put, a closeted white guy keeps his outwardly straight appearance by dating/marrying a white woman, consistently not fucking them at night, and then secretly making time to either stroke off to gay porn or find a hustler for occasional romps.

In my experience, most white chickies are materialistic. Now, now, don't take that as misogynistic; I believe evolution has all humans hardwired towards greed. We have to try to rise above it as best we can, but white girls seem less willing to do so (particularly as baby fever kicks in). The difference between many white women and Asian women is that, in my experience, the former are more likely to have tantrums and hold your balls to the fire unless you cater to their demands.

I'm tall and blonde and 20 years old and I really can't see myself prancing around in high heels and miniskirts in broad daylight without being slobbered on by guys, but when asian girls do it they seem normal and unnoticed? And what is it with all the cute geeky guys who I generally go for (even tho my friends tell me i can do better) all over those asian girls that look like they are 12? Is it a dominance thing... are blonde girls getting too cool for average guys? Are guys put off by intimidation and would rather go for a subservient girl?

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4/4/2006 1:47 am

poetry …

Up from the meadows rich with corn
Clear and cool on a September morn
The clustered spirals of Fredrick stand
Green walls from the hills of Maryland.

-- author unknown

from the
rich with

Clear and
on a

The clustered
of Fredrick

Green walls
the hills

-- author unknown

Sheer poetry!!!

somethingelse40 76M
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4/4/2006 1:57 am

secretly horny ...

You're a very interesting, prolific, and promiscuous blogger.

We can consider my day made, if not tore up.

expatbrit49 64M

4/4/2006 2:37 pm

Damn, then call me a geek or a Dork because I think asian women are really hot, Woo Hoo. now thats not to say that you dont have a great ass but Asian Women Hmmm just too hot

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