No exit for this lovelorn princess  

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4/3/2006 9:32 pm
No exit for this lovelorn princess

Suffice it to say my escapism-technique, releasing my tensions through writing dimensional run-on sentences has captured an audience. Initially my plan was only to complain about the same old type of man, who couldn’t plan to get his pants off fast enough for me, or was that his agenda, my dilemma, exhaustion in the same old stale piece of bread in a restaurant basket being recycled to me. Alas, he’s a thing of the past and my one venture is to stress, my heart is not pent up in rage about the has-beens or their cousins, but to focus on the many men who don’t have to try, whose witticism, criticism and cynicism come to them naturally. The way I would in the middle of the night, waiting for the rhythmic sounds of your breathing to caress the parts of you already undressed, and awaken you with my mouth, or my hand and take command like a captain at the helm and slowly steer you about. The grind of my hip, the flick of my tongue, a bite from my mouth, or suckle from my lip, and sleep tonight you will do without, at least for another few minutes. But that’s another story or chapter we can explore at another time. The lack of pretension did I fail to mention is what draws me in, closer still if there’s an attraction between me and the man I want to be molested by, feel ingested by. Arms so safe and warm the snooze button would be found under the bed, but alas I needn’t turn the alarm on.

My hat goes off to the hard-working, truly sexy men. Not the ‘no-where-to-go-boobs’ who carry their little headphones to match their little cell phones and sport their little pens in hand with no plan. Or the way they wear all their labels face front. It’s all a front we can see miles away like the storms given names that pass just the same. Give me the suit sulking over his briefs and I’ll keep it brief how I’d love to explore his shorts or even more go over his dictation thoroughly. Give me the construction worker who’s too polite to hoot when I walk past, as his friends push him, “Aw, go on.” I’ll hoot myself as I have at officers and firemen with their brawn.

My sheltered push at keeping men at bay isn’t so far from the visual game men play. Most eye candy-ish men love women to be long-legged, busty and slim. Maybe a Margolis, or with the latest poll it’s Alyssa, Halle or Selma Hayek again. But think of your worst relationship, the last moment when you knew your button or plug was pulled. A nagging or whining redundancy, now you understand me. Not implying that this fear prevents me but causes me to toy with ease and enjoy if you please all my fantasies without the headache or the heartache of something that might not be for me. Call it my ADD.

Maybe your attraction is your reaction to the stimulating, gratifying visualization of your pulsating instruments while you picture me on my knees. Was it the hair pulling, bent over connotations, with me panty less or in the shower with you thrusting your powerful weight into me. Honey these aren’t just your fantasies!

Women have to be led, (you know how you guide us by the head), in how to make you stay satisfied all through the night and then some. I have a few archaic ideas, that some may fear are anti-feministic. Get realistic. It’s a man’s world. Oops! Did a girl really admit this? Here goes my list:

1. Women should cook like chefs in the kitchen and f--- like w----- in the bedroom and if the latter ends up in the kitchen, all the more reason to use a spatula.

2. Men should receive it as often as they need it. Even if it’s that 4am quickie on the floor. (I’ve never told my men no unless I absolutely couldn’t walk anymore).

3. You get what you give. Be it flowers, candy, a hug, going out for a movie, a call to say thank-you or I miss you. One-sided only goes blinded but for so long.

4. Nagging annoyances like gnats should be squashed. But as long as there’s mutual respect and communication, the type maintained in our work ethics that we all adhere to, there’s rarely reason to tune out the droning on unless he/she’s psycho and you’re too much alike to move on to someone far better suited for you.

5. The greatest men in our time knew when to keep affairs of the heart apart from the home. Maybe a wanderer you will always be, but try to maintain! To state it plainly: unless you have an established HOV sticker permitting more than one passenger, you’ll never make it 1-to-1 if you keep bricking when your team gives you the opportunity for a two or three.

Prudish, shrewish, deplorable and horrible aren’t characteristics I wish to own, but if letting a fight go and WOK-ing in a V.S. red lace bra and apron make my man moan, then so be it. If he eyes the girl at the bar, maybe I should entice his spice channel thoughts and play along. A well-lit exit sign doesn’t always mean leave, obviously the enter on the other side is how he and you found me.

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