Let's Fuck - The Follow-Up  

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3/30/2006 4:57 pm

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Let's Fuck - The Follow-Up

48 hours ago, I posted the following in a chatroom:

I want a man to bang me hard.
Then I want to suck your cock until you pass out from cumming so much.
Do whatever you want to me; I just want to leave your place exhausted.

Mostly, I wanted attention and that is exactly what I got. 48 hours after I posted and 122 individual responses later, this was the product (there is some overlap, as sometimes replies fit into more than one category):

7 questioned my authenticity.

17 requested a response email before they produced pics, stats, or anything of substance (these folks were not included in the "questioned authenticity" column).

3 used conventional grammar.

22 were "ready to go," sight unseen.

5 sent a cock pic (I guess guys are finally listening to females' requests not to see cock pics before face pics).

36 sent face or clothed pics.

1 promised that he was very hot.

14 gave me a detailed account of what they planned to do with me.

10 were polite.

34 appeared to use their real full names.

2 were not currently residing in America.

33 sent me stats in lieu of pics.

6 impressed me and made me really want to reply.

4 were hot enough not to give me a second look if we had met in real life.

2 made me genuinely laugh (at their jokes, not at them).

2 were married.

2 wrote me poems.

2 sent me phone numbers.

1 requested sex as a birthday present.

5 used "cum" as a homonym for "come."

17 assumed that they were too late to get my attention.

7 emailed me more than once.

7 wrote as though they were sending a very formal cover letter for a coveted job.

2 emailed me pornography.

3 sent me emails with no text, just a subject line.

1 had two penises! (I can only assume that was a lifted pic but he seemed earnest in the body of his email.)

1 had puffy nipples.

1 sent a picture of his guitar.

1 sent a picture of a boat harbor for some reason.

1 knows me in real life (although he does not know that).

4 claimed to have never responded to an AdultFriendFinder profile before.

1 threatened me if I did not reply to his email.

As for whether or not someone actually got me as a result of my original post ... well, some things a lady never spreads

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