An anthopological explanation for all the dick pics on AFF  

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3/27/2006 6:50 pm
An anthopological explanation for all the dick pics on AFF

I love AdultFriendFinder. I'm on it several times a day, making me one of the "regulars," if not a hardcore lifer. I don't usually post; I just like to read and laugh and lurk. You guys are great, seriously. I luv ya.

The section that sucks me in most often (when I'm home from work that is), is, of course, SOCAL chat. Like a vivid car wreck on the side of the freeway, it's hard not to poke your head in and stare for a while. Why? I gotta say, it's the dick pics. Scrolling down, looking for those little smiley's at the end of the entries, you know that nine times out of ten you're getting a big, glistening pink fleshrod right in the eyes. These distended, disembodied penises point at you from every angle, fat, thin, curved, straight, gray, brown, red and purple. Usually there are also balls!

I'm a bi woman, so I've seen my fair share of penises in the flesh, and I can honestly say that it's not how the things look that gets us going, guys. We love to have sex with you in SPITE of how your peenies look. The thing is, you guys know this. No one sits there poring over exquisitely detailed art prints of a fleshy, hairy bag with a veiny, aggressively engorged tendon rearing up from it on their days off, cooing with delight and picking out designer frames for the wall. Most W4M ads up there request that you DON'T send dick pics. The gals don't wanna know what's tucked away, because hopefully it'll be nice and dark by the time you pull it out and get to work, and we can focus on how good it feels and not how comically goofy it looks.

Still, like a dog chasing its tail, the dick pics go up, and up and up. Most of the ads with the pics are looking for females. So we must look a little further into why men post their cocks when the ladies tell them they aren't interested.

I believe it has everything to do with the age-old ritual of display. In chimpanzee societies, male chimps demonstrate their hierarchy by "displaying" - hooting, drumming on trees, throwing shit around and charging at other males. It's a big act to show one another who's boss, but even when the social order is understood and is not being challenged, they continue to do it - to remind themselves and one another that they are MALES! "Grrr! Here I am! I may not be the biggest or the strongest, but by god I am a MAN!" And in human terms, what could be more reassuring than to post a big ol' 72-dpi reminder to the world at large of the very organ that proves their masculinity? The dick pic stands alone, archived in cyberspace, to be regarded and acknowledged by, well, anyone and everyone.

It's an equal-opportunity display, as well. There are no rules to the postings, no "you must be this long and this thick to post." All dicks are welcome. The tiniest little peter stands in solidarity next to the heftiest of Photoshopped giants. And since they are, usually, cropped just around the naughty bits with no identifying face shots, the men who post are free of any blowback from our Puritanical society's judgements. You offer your meat to the eyes of millions without any of the shame or future consequences clinging to your name. How perfect! What surprises me is that EVERY man isn't taking these shots and throwin' them up with a tag line ("Like what you see?" is the most common, usually followed rhetorically with a "Hit me up!").

Now, what about the homosexuals? For, if anyone, they are the ones most concerned with the visual aspects of the penis. Graphic representations of the human 'nad have been an important part of gay male culture for as long as said culture has existed cohesively, whether underground or above. The straight guys have to know this as well, for whenever you post your photos for all to admire, that means ALL will admire it, and plenty of those adoring eyes belong to the 'mos. Deep down, though, the anonymity of the postings allow straight men to enjoy the admiration from other men without explicitly acknowledging the potential "queerness" of getting checked out - "Hey, it's up there, I can't stop them from lookin'!" And perhaps it turns the gays on to know that perhaps, out there somewhere, some supposedly "straight" guy is taking a good, hard look at his package and nodding appreciatively. Hey, in SOCAL, everything's game!

If a guy is serious about making an AdultFriendFinder connection with a chick, he will hold off posting the ubiquitous Dick Pic. All others are in it for the display, to say to the world, "I've got this big ol' muscle dangling between my legs and by God, some of you are gonna get an eyeful of it!" And for that, I am grateful. For each and every one of those blurry, overexposed cries into the wilderness, there is some guy walking around on the streets with a secret smile, knowing he is part of a larger group, the males of the Human Race!

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