Roller Coaster Relationship!!!  

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3/25/2006 12:23 pm

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Roller Coaster Relationship!!!

This is another time that I don't really have specific details of what was happening.
I do know that we didn't have sex, didn't do cola, and did argue. Whenever the party runs out, she becomes a bitch.
It affected me differently in the fact that I was happy when we ran out sometimes. I felt like it affected our health and sometimes we just needed to chill. Get in the gym. Have a good nights sleep.
Samantha opened the next 3 days, which meant we all had to get up very early (especially after an all nighter). I had the kids at the store all day (that puts me in a bad mood already). We were arguing about money (she was busted taking money out of account again). She was grouchy about the uknowhat, or lack of (either not having any, or having to hide/lie), Plus she was being evasive, mean and giving me the "I'm going to divorce you" shit again.
We made up on Thursday night but it wasn't until Saturday that we were on a level again. Of course that is when she opened again and probably hooked up with John.
I was still trying to be a good father. I was soooo tired, but I took the kids to the park, to Wendy's, to play basketball, ... and on Saturday we went to Fort Ben Park and went hiking and to the Nature Center.
I love my kids and love to spend time with them. I felt like I was totally raising the baby, something that she swore she would do if we ever had another child. I had no reservations about doing the work, I wouldn't even mind if I was alone. I was bitter that she wasn't doing anything that she agreed to, and more important, she wasn't giving me credit for everything that I did. I had been getting kids ready in morning, babysitting at work, then dinner, homework, play or park every day, treat, bedtime, every day and not getting credit. I take them to movie, hiking, museum every weekend. I love my kids. My boy is number one. I am in like giddy in love with my new girl. A boy and a girl, who could ask for more. I can't figure out why Samantha chooses uknowhat and derelicts over our perfect family. I just wanted respect, and she was deliberately hurting my feelings with harsh words almost daily.

Posted in October ... (Oct 05) I didn't realize until just recently that she never quit d. rugs, and I'm sure that it had a lot to do with her words and name calling, decisions, etc.

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3/25/2006 9:03 pm

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