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It has just been so intense. We were all over each other yesterday, and had some hot daysex when the baby went down for a nap. We also had just hooked up, so we had a bunch, so we did some in the day. This used to be unusual, but was becoming more common. Later, I partied at Jim's, and when got home Sam was waiting and ready to party. We got fucked up again and wnt straight to bed, and after a bunch of oral, we had sex for a couple hours, late into the night. Jen was spazzing out last night, she is very stressed.
I was so hung over this morning, I am exhausted from staying up fucking and partying all night. Sam is off today, and she couldn't get up. We partied a little tonight early, and she flipped out like she had done a ton. Then she got real sick and crashed. I was so high and burned out that I didn't even care that we didn't have sex. I went to bed earlier than I have in months.

Feb 06, 2006
It wasn't until almost 9 months later that I was checking receipts and found a descepancy that led me to check my checking account and see that she secretly withdrew $100 on this day in 2005. We had just got an 8b, and still had quite a bit. But she secretly taken that money and bought more, and he was already totally fucked up before we started partying that night. That is why she wigged out, had a stress freakout the night before and she got very sick. I also found another withdrawal for $300 about 2 weeks later, she was depositing her check with a cash withdrawal and hiding the receipts. I would guess that she was also lying about the quantity she was getting for us, and buying more and keeping her own. This pissed me off because I would hold shit for a week just waiting for her, and she had her own stash and was dong it every day that I had some, but kept it for her. And when I did finally dig into the stash for Jimmy's party, I felt guilty as fuck!
I had been ignorant for months, and I was just now beginning to get suspicious. She ended up being sick for several days, and even though I didn't know she was buying and using daily, this day probably made me realize that she might be using at work.
I knew that I was becoming addicted, and she had to be feeling like I was, especially because it was so avaiable at her work. Now I realize, but it is hard when it is happening to you. For the next couple days she said she was sick and not using. She told me to go ahead and party without her (that kinky story next post). I had no idea that she had just bought a bunch of her own. I felt guilty partying by myself, and tried to be conservative to save some for her. I feel like an idiot now, but this is a girl that was so against the yayo for 10 years. I was so into myself, having a great time , that I didn't notice how messed up she was. We were still getting along so good, business was good, the kids were good, I just didn't catch it until too late.

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