Jealous of Lover??????? ..... or ........ Hurt by Lies???????  

sexywhiteboy07 47M
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3/15/2006 12:33 pm
Jealous of Lover??????? ..... or ........ Hurt by Lies???????

After all of this, she was posing as clean, I dont think she could fake sobriety any longer. After several days of scouring my pussy photo book, she was hinting at wanting to tell me (the truth)about her sexual past. This day was inevitable.
She had been saying that she was clean, but now she told me she had a relapse and was hooking up with John later. Now it looks like She acted like she had been doing it all along, and she couldn't fake it any longer, but tried to make it seem like it was just that night. So she came home with uknowhat, acted like this is just a relapse, this will be one time deal. She said she wanted to get high and tell me some stuff.
And then we got really high and she told me a bunch of new sexual past kinda stuff. She said it was going to be real bad. I was expecting the worse, and now I can't even remember what she said that was new, or such a big deal. I remember at that time she told me some stuff about her ex-boyfriends penis size. That is one thing I have never bugged her about, so it was kinda weird (but interesting) hearing it.
She told me about some of the early sex stuff she did. Just normal talk 2 people have when they first start dating. But she had been so secretive and lied about the most basic stuff, for 10+ years.
It was good to hear the truth about her life but it also made it a little sickening, scary & fascinating to hear. Some stuff was a little out of the ordinary, but nothing that she would ever have to lie about with me.
We didn't have sex that night, I just laid awake on the edge of bed. Amped up with no release, thinking about her old boyfriend and new boy friends. Why would she lie about such petty, normal things. I had been understanding all along about her sexual past, and I couldn't figure out why she would lie, and lie for so long.
The next day was very bad for me and I didn't talk to anyone all day. I did uknowhat before work, which is just pitiful. Sam opened that day and got off early. Knowing that she was probably sitting on a bunch, I stashed some for myself, and we did what was "the last bit", ..... now this was our "last time". We did our uknowhat in silence. Then we actually had sex.... in silence. We both needed the physical attention and the final release. But I couldn't get into it mentally, I kept thinking about everything she told me, and questioning the facts and why she would go so far to lie. It was weird because I felt like I was supposed to be jealous, but I was way more mad about the lies.

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