Busted for the 2 millionth time  

sexywhiteboy07 47M
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4/7/2006 8:09 am
Busted for the 2 millionth time

I took the kids to my aunt's funeral and I was emotionally fragile. I was already a mess from the ordeal with the uknowhat and the lies, and dealing with death only intensified things.
You would think that Samantha would cut me some slack, but she was cold as ever.
I can't remember the details now, but this was the 1st day that Sam tried to get Cleyteus fired.
Who knows what the real reason is but she went to her boss and told him that Cleyteus was dealing out of the kitchen. I guess she over heard him talking shit about (dealing to) another manager, too. Everybody who knows the situation had been telling Sam to fire the people causing her (and her restaurant) problems since April. I probably said it on a daily basis, yet she refused to fire those assholes. I had argued that they hurt the company, they were preying on Sam's addiction and she was choosing them over her children, all to no avail. But now she was deadset on firing him out of the blue.
I didn't believe her then, and I still don't. I am still convinced that something went on and she wanted him gone for other reasons. Anyway, I still had a lil stash and I got a good buzz on, and she went back to work. I drove up there after work and escorted her home that night. I begged her to fill me in on what the deal was but she just tried to play it like she was being completely honest. After we talked a while I remembered the extra $100 missing from our account.
It all went down so casually (compared to other times). I had known about 100 missing since last payday, then, when I went to bank and another $100 was gone. We were having a serious but very calm conversation, and I was questioning some of the events over the past couple of weeks. She continued to deny everything, and said I was paranoid. She had an excuse for her nose whistle and her sleeping habits. Then i remembered the missing money. I asked about the money and she sat still for a second, like a deer in the headlights. I think she finally realized that there was no logical place to hide, and she said "I spent it all on uknowhat". I wasn't surprised, but this was probably just as devestating as any other time she was busted. She admitted to spending $50 a day on uknowhat, every day. I felt like someone punched me in the stomache and was so upset theat we didn't even argue about it.
I asked her to break it out so I could party, but she said she quit bringing it home so she wouldn't get busted.
One would think that Samantha would have remorse, be apolegetic, maybe even be nice. But she was a bitch that night and I couldn't sleep, and she sure wasn't giving up the pussy, so I got up smoked out, and went to the shop and wrote in my blog.

Now that it is months later, Samantha counts this a her last day to use ...... One reason is that she uses date in NA meetings, Sometimes I wonder, but I have to believe her.

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