Anal Sex ............. Sean Visits .............  

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3/1/2006 12:05 pm

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Anal Sex ............. Sean Visits .............

I had been asking Samantha to ask Sean over for months now. I had seen him a couple times but lately, there was always other people around, and we couldn't really talk. She said he always had an excuse, doing something, didn't like to be around kids...etc, For the first time ever, she said he was going to come over, just to hang out! Sam worked the day shift and came home and we took a shower and went straight to bed for a pussy licking and nice warm sex. Her work called her back in, so she went back to work, and I had friends over. Dirty Dan and Susie came over to hangout for a while, and then went to see Sam at work.
edit. He is a real friendly guy, but it was still a little uncomfortable. Sam and I just sat there smiling, knowing that we include him in her kinkiest fantasies on a weekly basis. He didn't stay long, parties to go to, and we headed straight for the shower. Sam was on an anal tangent, she had bent me over the night before, and now she was wanting some assplay herself. To get me going she soaped up my bunghole and worked it while she stroked my cock. Now it was her turn and I turned her around and went down on her from behind. I started with her pussy and worked my way to her cute little puckered ass. I have never sucked ass like i did that night. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever done. I totally buried my face between her asscheeks and alternated gentle licks and sticking my tongue up her ass. We brushed our teeth and went to bed only to eat more ass before we 69ed and did it some more. We had animal sex until 5 am, and she told me she wanted me to finish by cumming in her ass. She bent over and let me do her ass like it was a pussy. I didn't want to stop, and neither did she and she told me to fuck it til we both cum. She also said she would let me fuck her ass again the next night. I plunged 2 fingers into her sopping wet cunt while I pumped into her tight, hot asshole, until we both came like banshees. I couldn't wait for tommorrow night!

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