Swingers Clubs In Cornwall  

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7/14/2006 5:42 am
Swingers Clubs In Cornwall

Have you been to a swingers club lately?
Nothing is like what it used to be. Nowadays these places are full of 'curious' people who are there to 'watch' rather than participate;and the majority of women are only interested in other women,and many couples are giving the 'cold shoulder' to single men. Some are acting like they are in a dance hall,and others think they found a place to play pool and darts,and at the end of the night you see a herd of frustrated men making circles and a few people having sex only with their own spouses.I remember fondly the days when happy,easy going,like minded folks used to gather to have no strings attached sex in a safe environment.It has been almost a decade since the following took place. My wife was always a favourite at these parties for she rarely rejected any men because of their age,looks or ethnicity.We believed attitude was everything. So one evening we prepared a sign reading "If interested,just follow me to the room" and wife carried it on her bottom after she stripped on the dance floor. Instantly there were almost twenty guys with us in the room,and in no time everyone was naked and rubbing their cocks against her soft body.It was a great experience in more ways than one,for it was funny to observe different actions and reactions in such an intimate setting. Some guys were making tender love to her and kissing gently, some on the other hand were fucking hard and acting rough. Some were guiet,some were loud.Some were addressing her as 'Ma'am',and some others as 'Bitch'.I even heard a few calling her'cock teasers'.Older men enjoyed to kiss her while younger guys loved to spank my wifes small firm bum.Even though there were six or seven men on top of her at any given time,interestingly there was some sort of order and everyone was courteous to one another in taking turns.From time to time I was opening the door and letting out the ones who were done to be replaced by those waiting outside.Plump wife had a lot to drink,and so was not aware how sore she was getting.The most popular position was when she was in between two guys as a sandwich and another cock in her mouth and two others pushing into her ears and two more in her hands.Another favourite was to fuck her doggy style or from her tight asshole while playing with her hanging belly.The ones who fucked wife hard were so proud of themselves but there was a couple who could not get an erection and were immensely upset.One guy was ready to cry and I had to comfort him saying it could happen to any men and maybe he should try later.A few women also knocked on the door and wanted to watch,but I did not allow them pointing out that this was not a show,that we were not selling tickets;and that their presence would only be a distraction.Finally wife was exhausted and half a sleep.A few guys asked my permission to 're energize her' and one of them came up with a feather and began tickling wife by teasing first her armpits then her belly button. My wife was awake in a second and struggling to free herself.I had no idea she was that ticklish,and the worst was yet to come.While holding her arms,they lifted her thin legs up in the air,and as the feather started working on her bare feet,my wife went crazy.She was screaming and trying to kick and push the guys away.There were a dozen fingers playing with her feet while she was begging for mercy amid everyone's laughter.The guys were once more excited and wife got fucked hard over and over again.There was so much cum on her it was getting difficult to keep up with new towels.We don't remember how long we were in that room.We lost the track of time and the number of men who took her that evening.The time stood still and we hold on to the consciousness of the memory of that moment.Have you been to a swingers club lately?We sure miss the good old times.

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