A day of days to start off  

sexystonybrook 35M
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11/6/2005 1:19 pm

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A day of days to start off

Well, I found out about AdultFriendFinder blogs quite a while ago, at least in february or march. I never would've thought I'd start one myself. Thinking to myself, what could people possibly discuss on an online sex site. However, thanks to reading a certain someone's blog (greeneyedscorpio) I come to a greater realization that it can serve as an outlet and a place to get comments and ideas from likeminded people (as well as those not saneminded).

So, today, I'll start with an encounter I had yesterday. Looking back on it, I can clearly see how I was being quite immature and childish. Though I hope what everyone can see is also how it wasn't just me. So I meet this girl in a chatroom and she says send your pic, so I do via email. I guess the girl gets pictures all the times and is completely confident in her 'air up there' style. Since, 5 minutes later she's still in the chatroom talking so I ask if she's gotten the picture. For the next 10 minutes I continue to ask if she has or not and she completely ignores me. lol, yes I finally realized she wasn't pleased with the picture but it didn't click first since I was just asking if she'd received it or not. I, being even more of the ignoramus, go on to message her using the email she gave me, at which point she doesn't respond either. It was late and I was being stupid, so I sent her a not so nice message (albeit no curses, no debauchery, but more straight to the heart type of stuff). So I was definitely wrong, but my question is... is it all right to outright ignore someone? I can understand if I initiated contact and never got a response, but in this case, she gave me her email addy (yes, after I asked but I was still ignored.

She did end up responding, probably, I'd assume, after I 'pushed too many buttons'. Not so nicely, I may add (no cursing though), but she never told me if she'd received it.

So the whole story ends with this girl simply believing it's all right to ignore someone.

This whole idea of ignoring someone is beyond me. Yes, ignoring people makes things easier, but it doesn't solve problems and allow proper relationships to flow. I just hope that if people ignore people online, that these same people don't ignore them in 'real life'. Since real life is a whole different ballgame. People do have feelings and as bitter as I may sound, I'm not. I deal with people online all the time, but in real life dealing with people is almost like my job. So for those who don't know, be honest, be clear and let things take their due course. That's just how it is has to be.

Last but not least (sorry it's a first post!): This whole idea of a good guy, what is it? Many ladies/girls have different ideas of what this may represent. The mindboggling this is that most of these same people have experienced liars and frauds. Due to this, we honest-going fellas are up the stream without a paddle, since we're honest and so our honesty is also subject to that skepticism derived from previous lying/fraud (or from hearsay). This is all fine by me, but I do think people should be more open to test the honesty and not use a scale of 1-10 and everyone who says 9 is out so only 10-20 are counted. Am I that unique that I don't like to lie or overly brag? Braggings fun, yes, but doing it all the time or even a good portion of the time is boring and senseless. My profile and what I say are as honest as can be. What do you think?!

n.b. - yes I don't have a picture up, that's because I don't want to put it up. If there's interest though, I always send pictures ... just a clarification.

rm_LilBlondeNZ 42F
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11/6/2005 2:41 pm

Oh blog virgin... let me be your first coment... I promise I'll be gentle...

Yes, shame on you for being an immature idiot yesterday... if she didn't get the photo, and wanted it, she would have asked. That being said, she was a being a jerk, shame on her. Truly, there's nothing more disheartening than being ignored. It means that not only is the person not interested, but is so completely DISinterested that you do not even merit a minute of time to tell you that she isn't interested.

If someone's into you, you'll know it. It shouldn't take much effort. If it does, something's awry on the other person's side...move on. See my post Hes Just Not That Into You... substitute "She" for "He"... guys haven't completely cornered the market on being inconsiderate. There are plenty of girls who are experts.

As for "nice guys"... I think that being a nice guy doesn't mean being perfect... it means being honest, forthright and considerate. We're all human and flawed... Maybe I'm cynical, but I think the "nicer" you are, the more you're probably faking it. I'd rather meet a flawed but honest guy than a perfect "nice guy" who I found out later was just a fake asshole. Plus, hell, I'm flawed... I'd like company in that category.

Good luck with your new blog

P.S. I'm at SBU Health Sciences Center. But I don't live on campus...

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